In Senegal, residents and protesters refused to let the Macki Sale postpone the presidential election

Can the pressure of Senegalese public opinion really bring the head of state back down? The opposition and civil society are calling for a new demonstration on Tuesday, a silent march against Mackie Cell. But the government does not intend to postpone the elections.



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Colobane market in Dakar in February 2024, as Senegal is rocked by demonstrations against President Macky Sale.  (William de Lessieux / RadioFrance)

Second-hand clothes are waved by dozens of vendors pushed by speeding orange and blue buses: Colobene Market Square in Dakar, Senegal, is also a place to talk politics. Current topic: After the postponement of the presidential election and the extension of President Mackay Sale’s mandate, whether or not to participate in demonstrations against the power in place. The next one takes place on Tuesday, February 13 but the next day of consolidation, last Friday, is still fresh in everyone’s mind. All parades were dispersed, sometimes bloodily suppressed. Three youths were killed, two of whom were shot.

For one young Senegalese, however, it is “The way out of this abyss. We, the youth, advocate change”. But Guy Roger Kali does not believe in the scope of this dynamic: according to him, Mackie Cell will remain in power. “He tried this way for a long time. And today, I think he succeeded because, when he sticks to a position, he does not move forward”He resigned and noted. “For me, he didn’t winCherif contrasts with Malay’s sagna. There is stress and people don’t need it. We are in a very complicated situation. You have to see how people are doing. There’s nothing there!”. Sheriff Malayni Sagna asked the President to listen to the anger expressed in the streets. “While we postpone the election, what will he make tomorrow?”they ask.

Mackey plays for cell time

The opposition is organizing itself to raise more. On the side of opposition Osman Sonko, still in prison, El Malik Ndia has vowed that the streets will be a means of pushing back President Mackie Sale.

“It stands alone internationally as well as nationally.”

El Malik Ndiaye, National Communications Secretary of PASTEF Les Patriotes

at franceinfo

“He has been abandoned by all religious, trade unions, civil society organizations, the international community, the CDAO… It is nothing but a putsch. He is alone in his own world”El Malick Ndiaye insisted.
The latest appearances were banned. Government spokesman Abdu Karim Fofana instead called for participation in the national dialogue desired by the president. “We need to sit down and discuss and the President of the Republic made this appeal for electoral appeasement, inclusiveness, transparency”. Under pressure from the international community, those in power have been playing for time and stretching their arms in recent days. Far from conceding, the opposition and civil society maintain their call to demonstrate.

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