How to play roblox sacrificial sanctuary

If you’re a fan of games featuring horror and suspense genre elements, Roblox Sacrifice Sanctuary should be right up your alley. This title takes you on a journey to an eerie sanctuary where 12 players must compete to escape. Only one player is allowed to move close with the crown; Other sacrifices will be made.

Getting started in the game can be overwhelming for beginners. To help in this regard, this article contains all the useful information about Sacrificial Sanctuary, including its features, main objectives, in-game controls and some insightful tips.

A Beginner’s Guide to Roblox Sacrifice Sanctuary


Upon loading into Roblox Sacrifice Sanctuary, you’ll see that every player is fending for themselves, so there’s nothing to make friends in the game. Each lobby has 12 players and one crown and in the end only one player wears it. It’s a royal rumble, and you’re in it for the glory, so you can banish any notions of making friends.

You have to outsmart and outmaneuver your competitors at every opportunity. If you emerge as the winner, you get to decide the fate of the two survivors. They have to compete in a challenge in the basement. The loser will be eliminated from the game, and the winner will continue to play for a chance at survival.

How to play roblox sacrificial sanctuary


When playing Sacrificial Sanctuary, you must keep an eye on your surroundings and the other players to catch wind of any connections, brewing strategies, and other fishy deals that may occur during contests because every move counts. It’s your job to strategically choose sacrifices and choose pairs that you think are trying to form an alliance, forcing them to fight and betray each other.

The challenges seen in the Royalty Challenge Round and Basement Challenges can be overwhelming. These include Red Light-Green Light, Sword Time, Icy Tiles and more. Playing the game often and being attentive while watching others is the key to mastering these challenges.

However, to be most efficient while doing it, you must have a basic understanding of the in-game controls, so here’s what you need to know:

  • W, A, S, D: Use these keys to move your character in the game.
  • Mouse: Use your mouse to look around, aim and navigate the in-game menu.
  • M1 or LMB: Use the left button on your mouse to interact with the in-game menu.
  • Space: Press the space bar to make your character jump.
  • F: Use these keys to interact with abilities, objects, and other interactive objects in the game.
  • M: Press this key to open a menu to view the preset controls, play around, change them, or exit the game.

So, get ready, embrace the chaos and survive the brutal journey to be the last standing in the Roblox Sacrifice Sanctuary.

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