How Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Around the Spider-Verse’ performance came to life again and again

Voicing a character can be as different as you might expect – you fly from “God knows where”. Hailee Steinfeld Put it down, and try to get yourself into the mindset of a character who only exists as a stick figure at best. You’re alone in the booth, not just in an artificial world, but reading a line that will ultimately be your costars’ reactions.

But that’s not how Camp Powers and his companion Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse directors, Joaquim dos Santos And Justin K. Thompson, Was interested in doing things. Powers, Pixar’s Oscar-winning co-director drunk, He was an active presence in the recording booth with his cast, to the extent that Steinfeld credits him with the performance he was able to give as Gwen Stacy. Although Powers insists that “No Shea Wham” (Whigham voices Gwen’s father in the film), he knew a lot was weighing on Steinfeld’s performance in particular. idea Shamik Moore Returning as the franchise’s hero, Miles Morales, who has his own adventures and emotional hurdles to overcome, Steinfeld’s Gwen is much more popular than she was in 2018’s *Into the Spider-Verse* and is such a powerful figure that she literally inhabits the world. is Transforms herself based on her emotions.

So how do you explain to an actor a world that is like a “mood ring” when the technology to animate that world is not yet perfected? Powers and Steinfeld reunited this week Little Gold Man To break down their creative process—and how they react Across the spider-verse In his work on the upcoming third film.

**Vanity Fair: **Can you start by talking about how you guys started working together? Haley, you were part of the first movie, but, Camp, you were vying for the sequel. Do you remember that first meeting?

Camp Powers: I just remember our first meeting was Haley’s first recording session. That session included a pitch about what the movie was going to be, as the movie was visually very different from the first one. I explained a lot about Gwen’s world in particular because Gwen is at the forefront of the film, and her world is basically this mood ring. It was hard because the technology wasn’t perfected yet, so we only had, like, some tech samples, some visual development that we showed Haley. And then we just got into it. Of course, the way these animated films are made, it was basically just random scenes from the whole movie—you could ask Haley, but I’m sure he’d have made it up, like it didn’t make any sense what the story would be. .

She doesn’t know this, but I was kind of scared, because I just saw that True grit A few days before our recording session. When Haley came in, she had such a matte energy, where she came across like a pro. The only thing that sets it off is that she keeps her two Yorkshire terriers with her. She let them out in the booth and they were walking around, and she was like, “Okay, let’s do this.” There was some intimidation, but it dissipated very quickly.

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