Here’s why some people have more wrinkles than others, according to scientists

The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles are known, the most important of course being aging. Bad diet, stress and external aggression are also among the enemies of our skin. But some scientific studies may well question our perception of this phenomenon, in fact, it seems that another critical factor may explain why. some people have No more wrinkles or others.

Reasons for the appearance of wrinkles

The reduction of two proteins naturally present in the body results in more or less pronounced wrinkles on the face. first, Collagen, maintains the strength and elasticity of the skin, ensuring its tone. second, Elastin, contributes to the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. As these proteins decrease, the skin becomes more prone to loss of firmness and wrinkling.

Although aging is the main cause of wrinkles, environment and lifestyle can also play a significant role in their formation. External factors viz tobaccoAlcohol and Stress May also promote the skin aging process. This is what scientists have analyzed and concluded so far. But recent research on the subject may deepen our knowledge and allow the development of new anti-wrinkle solutions.

The role of the microbiome in the appearance of wrinkles

If we can all reduce the appearance of wrinkles through our habits, there is a recently discovered factor that can change the situation. Reported by Magazine Futura Science, A team of researchers from Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMIIt was demonstrated by the University of California at San Diego and L’Oréal Research and Innovation The skin microbiomeThat means the bacteria that live on our skin play a major role in the development of wrinkles.

CMI Research Director Se Jin Song explains: “ Previous studies have shown that the types of microbes on our skin change predictably as we age. Our skin also changes physically with age: for example, we have wrinkles and our skin becomes drier. But it exists Diversity In what it looks like According to people. You may have noticed that some people’s skin looks younger or older than their age.”

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The importance of hydration

Scientists have therefore published that “Positive Connection” diversity and between The richness of the microbiome And the so-called crow’s feet wrinkles, which are located in the outer corner of the eye. They also established “Negative Relationship” between microbiome diversity and Water loss Transepidermal, ie the amount of water that evaporates from the skin. In general, with age, the more the skin barrier changes, the more water evaporates.

The first action to take is obviously to protect your microbiome drink water, because 30% of our vital water reserves are found in our skin and in a state of dehydration, this is where our body will pull what it needs, leaving our skin dry and damaged. And with age skin barrier For more delicate ones, you should opt for a gentler cleanser on both the face and body. Experts also advise limiting the frequency of cleansing: once a day is more than enough, and you will thus preserve the microbiome necessary for your skin.

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