Here are the payment dates for pension and assistance for the month of April

As every month, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), France Travel as well as all other organizations responsible for paying the various benefits will proceed with the remittances according to a very specific schedule. So it is necessary to take stock.

For retirees from the normal system, the basic pension is usually remitted on the 9th of every month. When this date coincides with a public holiday or weekend, it is moved or brought forward by one to three days. For this month of April, Basic Pension will be paid to retirees on Tuesday, April 9. So no delay is planned, but will be held next month on May 7. This is in fact what Retirement Insurance suggests on its site. For good reason, May 8 is a public holiday.

For retirees who receive supplementary pension from the Agirc-Arrco scheme, payments are normally made on the 1st of every month. For this month of April, shipment cannot be made on 1st of the month, as it is a public holiday, payment will be made on 2nd of April. Additionally, delays will also be experienced in May and June. According to the Agirc-Arco calendar, the pension for May and June will be paid on May 2 and June 3 respectively.

CAF, France Travel and Crous

Regarding unemployment benefits, these are paid according to the date each beneficiary’s occupational status is updated. Those registered with France Travel who have not yet completed this process have until April 15 to do so. For the payment of these unemployment benefits, it starts from April 2. Apart from job seekers, students benefiting from the scholarship paid in 10 monthly installments will receive an April on the 5th of the month.

For family allowance fund, he pays his various allowances on 5th of every month. Like basic retirement pension, CAF benefits may also be deferred when the 5th falls on a public holiday or weekend. For this month of April, there is no delay in sight. The aid will actually be paid on the 5th, which falls on a Friday.

Remember, in addition, many benefits paid by CAF will change from this April. Indeed, many supports such as the Allowance for Disabled Adults (AAH), Active Solidarity Income (RSA) or the Activity Bonus will benefit from an increase of 4.6%. But it is important to clarify that the recipients will not see any change in the assistance received in April. It is in May that the increase will be seen by the beneficiaries.

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