Guyana is facing its worst dengue epidemic in 20 years

An average of 800 new cases were reported every week in January 2024, according to health officials.


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Dengue fever is spread by the Aedes mosquito.  (Soumyabrat Roy/Noorphoto/AFP)

Guyana is facing its biggest dengue epidemic in nearly twenty years: it started in mid-2023 and has accelerated since early January 2024, with an average of 800 new cases being announced every week, according to health officials. This virus, transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, against which no vaccine is recommended by the High Authority for Health (HAS), can cause haemorrhage or shock syndrome in very severe cases.

According to Public Health France, 5,800 confirmed cases of dengue fever have been reported in the Amazon department of 300,000 inhabitants since the beginning of 2023, including 2,996 in 2024. In tropical and subtropical zones like Guyana, epidemics recur every three to five. year and usually lasts 12 to 18 months. Viral waves are more or less intense.

A monitoring unit involving state services and Guyana’s Regional Group (CTG) was activated on February 6 to take action. “To prevent this movement as much as possible”Announced Prefect Antoine Poussier.

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