Fortnite, Rocket League… Are E-Sports Champions Getting Paid Late?

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Many e-sports players are decrying payment delays on the part of Epic Games, the publisher of video games like “Fortnite” or “Rocket League.” The company has promised to regularize these payments, but skepticism remains among those primarily concerned.


– For several weeks, dozens of amateur and professional players of Fortnite or Rocket League have been bored.

Behind the fun facade of these world-famous video games, sometimes it hides the dark side. It’s not Axel Tourette and his mother who would say otherwise. According to the report worldis a youth One of these rising star No Video game Rocket Leaguewhere they are known as Vatira. His mother struggles Reclaim the victories won by his son during countless e-sport tournaments. game publisher, Epic GamesIn his words, he More than 120,000 euros, also for competitions that go up to 2021.

This situation is not an isolated case. For several weeks, Dozens of amateur and professional players Fortnite Or Rocket League Express tiredness Regarding late payment ofEpic Games. Created by Jerome Coupez, the boss of the professional e-sports player agency Search for testimonials To prepare for global action. He assured the world Collected a hundred in a few days. Noteworthy is that of Mathieu, whose nickname is Grimoire, and who won Over a thousand dollars, without ever seeing its color.

The rest under this announcement

The rest under this announcement

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Money blocked until the age of majority

For other players in the same situation, The question of his age, 17, poses problems according to him In the remuneration process. But he believes he has Everything is done according to the rules and condemned Lack of communication from publishing company. “I made a total of eleven requests. And sometimes, they close my request without even giving me an answer.” Axel Tourette’s mother Celine Tourette faces another thorny problem: her son wins his first award 16 years ago. Finance wise Epic Games, Blocked at Caisse des Dépôts in France And won’t be Only accessible to most players. But according to the French Institute, Mata, Nothing to his name.

After all these proofs, Epic Games Outlined the beginning of the response to the players Rocket League. On March 5, they received a message on the Discord discussion platform: “We are in the process of reviewing all previous events to pay outstanding prizes (including the 2020-2023 events). This worries Over 65 eventsSo it is possible that you will notice Payment in the next week and a half», is written. A company spokesperson confirmed the comments the world.

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800 layoffs

An ad that players find hard to believe Epic Games are in financial trouble. The group has 800 employees laid off in September 2023, many of them are in e-sports. Minimum age for participation in competitions Rocket League was reduced to 13 years In January, that will likely result More winners, and therefore, potentially, worsening existing problems. related to FortniteFor which problems also exist, Epic Games On the other hand assured that the payment is up to date.

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