Former Miami commissioner investigated for bribery allegations

Former Miami City Commissioner Who is Sabina?is under investigation Allegations of briberyAs confirmed by an executive order signed by the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

Kovo is being investigated for alleged bribery and “remuneration by a candidate for services, endorsements, etc.” Miami Herald.

The purpose of the executive order, dated Feb. 1, is to authorize the transfer of the case to the 17th District in Broward at the request of the Miami-Dade State’s Attorney. Catherine Fernandez Rundle. DeSantis authorized the transfer of the case to the Broward State Attorney, Harold Pryor.

The document allows Fernandez Rundle to recuse himself from the case because the key witness is a “close associate of the state’s attorney’s office.” The identity of the witness was not released in the warrant.

Kovo said this Saturday Miami Herald Nor was she yet officially informed of the investigation nor contacted by the authorities.

“This is very surprising, as no agency or governor’s office has contacted me,” the journalist and businessman said in a statement. “I led with the highest ethics and integrity, and any review of my tenure, including my campaigns, will confirm that.”

In her statement, the former commissioner added: “I honestly don’t know what the investigation entails, but what I do know is that I conducted myself and my office with the utmost good faith, ethics and the best interests of the residents. City and District of Miami 2, where I live with my husband and three children.

Covo was elected to a short term in February 2023, filling the then-commissioner seat. Ken Russell in District 2, following his resignation following an unsuccessful run for Congress. Till then he was in office for less than a year Damien Pardo He defeated him in last year’s elections.

Covo said he has been in contact with an attorney and will “continue to consult on the best way forward to ensure that I am fairly exonerated.”

Once the investigation was made public, the former City Commission candidate James Torreswho ran against Covo for the District 2 seat last year, said Miami Herald Those who believe that the case is connected Complaints Which he did against Kovo months ago.

Torres was one of the candidates in the campaign that decided the second round between Covo and Pardo, who won with an anti-corruption platform. Days before the vote, Torres appeared on documentary filmmaker Billy Corben’s podcast, “Because Miami,” where he lashed out that Covo offered him a position in the city in exchange for his support after he failed to qualify for the second round.

However, in the statements Miami New TimesCovo denied this, saying Torres’ claims were “clearly and patently false.”

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