Doctor Who in Fortnite? The showrunner of the series answers

The year 2024 will mark a strong return doctor who. The BBC series will air next May With the fourteenth season presented as a true reboot. Time Lord Ncuti ushers in a new era in the guise of Gatwa (Sex education) and will benefit from international reach on the Disney+ platform. This third iteration of the series was revealed to viewers through three special episodes and a Christmas episode aired late last year. While fans eagerly await the start of the Doctor and Ruby’s adventures on Sunday, the British program has been at the center of rumors that are surprising to say the least.

In April 2023, a leaker revealed the first details of a possible collaboration between the two doctor who And Battle Royale Fortnite. Epic Games’ online game is known for its unexpected crossover events, so the arrival of the fantasy world of the English series seemed entirely possible. The leak includes numerous in-game images, as well as file names to help establish an accurate list of upcoming cosmetics.

Despite this evidence, the famous collaboration never materialized, even during the series’ 60th anniversary celebrations. If some players were hoping for a launch next May to promote the new season, series showrunner Russell T. Davis put an end to the debates.

No Doctor on Fortnite?

Asked by a fan about the video game crossover in an Instagram comment, the showrunner was candid to say the least. No collaboration in sight! It’s a complete myth I’m afraid. He replied. Is this a way to keep fans from getting false hopes, or to keep the upcoming event a surprise? Last year’s leak mentioned the main festivities, with new modes on the Creative Mode map, as well as free cosmetics to unlock through special challenges. Players were also treated to skins for David Tennant and Nkuti Gatwani, along with new emotes linked to their regeneration.

So it is not impossible that Russell T. Davies must deny any existence of this major collaboration in order to maintain the semblance of surprise. Nothing is certain at the moment but the coming months will finally seal the fate of this promising crossover. Once the series kicks off next May, it’s unlikely our favorite Time Lord will be invited on the Fortnite bus. Can be continued…

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