Daddy Yankee reconciles with his brothers and asks for forgiveness on Easter Sunday

Raymond Ayala RodriguezKnown worldwide by the stage name of Daddy YankeeHe reconciled with his brothers Nomar and Melvin Ayalafrom whom he had been separated for many years.

The settlement was announced yesterday. Resurrection SundayAt a church in Kissimmee, Florida, the now-urban Christian killer addressed dozens of attendees.

“You’re seeing real testimony here of brothers who didn’t talk to each other, brothers who had conflicts and we have to preach this because Christ is real, Christ unites families. Christ restores. “Christ unites all your people.”Ayala Rodriguez said surrounded by her brothers.

“If you are here I want you to see the real picture of brothers who loved each other, but we had conflicts. But you know, this is to encourage you and if you have a family member that you need to call, call them, don’t waste a moment, call your mother, call your father, call your children, Call your brothers. Meet with them because you never know they won’t be there tomorrow. “Don’t live with that burden.”asked the artist, who performed a Christian song on Good Friday “Blood Donor”.

“I called my brothers, I apologized to them and they also apologized to me, we forgave each other. But I want you to know that only the resurrected Christ does that.”He expressed.

Daddy Yankee’s full sermon can be seen on his new channel YouTube: Raymond Ayala Rodriguez.

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