Cuban woman cheated after buying grapes at MLC stores: “I’m fed up”

Editorial from CubitaNOW ~ Thursday January 4, 2024

A Cuban woman exploded after her son bought some grapes at a freely convertible currency store (MLC) and blasted on social networks.

This is Alicia Yopp, who confirmed that not only was part of the product she purchased missing, in addition, the payment was made not to the store, but to a worker at the state location.

“And bueeehhhh… we start 2024 on the left… I honestly didn’t expect it to be any different because, objectively, absolutely nothing has changed. So… there you go. My son found grapes at a store near the house called ‘El Puente’ in Arroyo Arenas, La Lisa, so he called me to see what I thought of buying them. On a board exposed to the public it said: ‘Grapes 1.7kg $11.95’. They seemed absurdly expensive to me, but hey, they were about 2kg and we could consider it one of the year-end consumerism luxury items, so I bought 2 packages of 1.7kg,” he said.

“When he got home the first thing I weighed was and guess what. 1.3 kg in one package and 1.2 in the other, so between the 2 packages they were stealing 900 grams from us, about 1 kg, so about $10 MLC. The payment method was with transfer, and that was the case for everyone because, according to them, there is no POS in that store,” he said.

“When I ask my son to let me see the SMS issued by the bank, I realize that it was a transaction in a personal account and not a business account, which should have happened if I had paid using ‘online payment’. . which is a way to enable commercial entities to make payments through digital transfers. Well, I drove faster and faster to the store with my son on board, to see what story they would tell me, raving about the empingue,” he indicated.

As he recalls, “The store was already closed because it was about 2:20 a.m., but I asked them to open it for me. When they did, I told them about the weight and they let me in, but Once inside I told him: ‘What really matters to me is whose account my son has transferred the grape payment to.’ “At the same time they peeled their eyes as if they were going to take drops and pointed to a worker who at the same time said: ‘Mine’,” he said.

On the other hand, he stated that “to make a long story short, they claimed that everything was in favor of the population because the codes for the sale of grapes had not yet been implemented and they were afraid that they would go to the sale of grapes. Waste (they were very good ).to which I replied that it shouldn’t be done and if they like breaking rules and laws so much, why don’t they halve the price of food in the store and thus actually help the population…but hey, they liked the idea. No, I don’t know why,” he quipped.

“We all know why about 1kg of grapes are missing, we all know what they do with it and we all know why they make people transfer to personal accounts instead of business accounts assigned to the store, just that liability. is Others try it and enforce the law. I am providing all the evidence for whoever needs it,” he decried.

“After hearing my discharge, clashing with warnings of my exasperation and complaint, I asked for my money back, which, of course, they didn’t mind in the slightest. An apology here, an excuse there, all meek little lambs… and I walked away without even turning around,” he remarked.

“Stalking. I’m tired of going to the store and I feel like I’m walking into the cave of Ali Baba and his 40 thieves. This brazen theft will go on and on because no one is reporting, no one is coming back to put them in their place. No, no one has filed a formal complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Cuba, the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Havana, as I go. Do,” he assured.

“Don’t steal from me now, Rapinga,” he raged.

As he later elaborated, his complaint is already having an impact.

“UPDATE: The consequences are already starting, and not well for the thieves… #CadenaDeTiendasCARIBE’s profile blocked me on Facebook yesterday for my complaint… #SomosContinuidad… and they share Raul’s speech Tearing clothes .. .What hypocrisy, how rascal, what indifference,” he concluded.

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