Actor Eric Roberts is gushing over his daughter Emma Roberts

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Actor Eric Roberts is in awe of his daughter Emma Roberts.

The “King of the Gypsies” star tells Page Six that he’s proud of the “American Horror Story” actress “every day.”

He adds that Emma’s 2023 rom-com “Maybe I Do” is “my favorite so far”.

While both Eric and Emma have kept their relationship private and out of the spotlight, the proud dad wished Emma a happy 32nd birthday in 2023 on social media.

Eric Roberts says he is very proud of his daughter Emma Roberts. GC images

He called the “Scream Queens” star his “precious daughter,” adding that he knew she would “grow up to be all that and more.”

In another rare comment, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter in 2022 that her acting career has been “so fun” to watch.

“And she never had any training, so she’s been training on the job her whole career, and it was so beautiful for me to see her become an actor, and she has. I love her work.”

Emma is Eric’s only child from his relationship with ex Kelly Cunningham. Eric – who is also Julia Roberts’ brother – is the stepfather of two children with wife Eliza Roberts.

Eric called Emma his “precious daughter” in a rare Instagram post for her birthday in 2023. Wire image

The Oscar nominee tells Page Six that in addition to acting, his role as a grandfather is “the best job on the planet.”

Among her three children are Emma’s son Rhodes, 3, with ex Garrett Hedlund — and four grandchildren.

“Two of them live down the street,” he explains, “and I become whatever they want me to be… Sometimes it’s a cat, sometimes it’s a dog. Whatever I want to be, I am.”

“I love being a grandfather,” he adds.

Eric says that besides acting, his “favorite job on the planet” is being a grandfather. emmaroberts/Instagram
Emma followed in her father’s footsteps and became a successful actress. ©FX Networks/Courtesy Everett Collection

At age 67, Eric has amassed 600 acting credits on IMDb and says he’s slowing down “a little,” but has no plans to stop anytime soon, with 89 projects in the works, according to the website.

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He says he gets “30 to 50 offers a day from all over the world” and his wife will ask, “‘Do you want to follow this and travel?’ And I say, ‘Sure!’

“I’m still doing it because it’s fun. And I’ve seen the world for free…and I have a great life,” he tells us.

Eric has acted in hundreds of films including “Star 80”. Getty Images

And Eric is no snob when it comes to choosing projects.

“Like my wife would say, ‘There’s a student filmmaker in Scottsdale, Arizona, who needs a name to loan money to the bank. Let’s do it for him,'” he says, “and I’m going to do it for him.

“And it’s a film that apparently no one will see except his parents. But we gave him an experience and he got an education in filmmaking.

He can currently be seen in “The Private Eye” opposite Matt Rife. Courtesy of Illusion Islands

Eric’s latest flick, “The Private Eye,” stars controversial comedian Matt Rife.

He says he took the role because he’s a huge stand-up comic fan.

“He’s a funny man. I love his comedy, I love him, I love his stand-up…and, I just love him as a person. I love him as a talent. I Love working with him,” he tells us.

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