A suspect has been arrested in the murders of pregnant teen Savannah Soto and her boyfriend in Texas

(CNN) — Police in San Antonio, Texas, have been arrested in the murders of teenager Savannah Soto, who was nine months pregnant, and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, after their bodies were found in a car in that city last week.

Christopher Preciado, 19, was arrested on suspicion of capital murder, San Antonio police said, without immediate details of what led them to the suspect.

Preciado’s father, 53-year-old Ramon Preciado, was also arrested on charges of abuse of a corpse, accused of helping his son “move the corpse.”

CNN is working to determine if Christopher Preciado and Ramon Preciado have legal representation.

“This case was classified as a capital murder because of the death of the fetus,” San Antonio police Lt. Michelle Ramos told CNN last week.

“It appears to be a narcotics deal gone bad,” San Antonio Police Sergeant Washington Moscoso told reporters Wednesday.

“We expect there are more charges pending,” Moscoso said.

The bodies of Soto and Guerra, each with a gunshot wound, were found in a car parked near a San Antonio apartment complex on December 26.

Police Chief William McManus told reporters last week that the bodies had been there “probably three or four days,” describing the crime scene as “very disturbing.”

According to police in Leon Valley, Texas, Soto was pregnant and past her due date when she missed an essential doctor’s appointment and was reported missing by her family.

Guerra was Soto’s boyfriend, family members told CNN affiliate KSAT.

The arrests came days after San Antonio police asked the public for help locating “two persons of interest” seen on surveillance video showing a pickup truck and the victim’s vehicle approaching each other near where the bodies were and then driving away.

“One of the key pieces of evidence we collected at the scene was Savannah’s cell phone. It was turned over to our technology team, who was able to download the information there,” Moscoso told reporters Wednesday. Then, with the help of federal investigators, “we were able to get enough information. , so today we turned it over to our detectives,” Moscoso said.

Moscoso said the information led officers to the possible location of the van and eventually the two suspects.

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