A sequel is already in the works on Naughty Dog, it’s official

The Last of Us Part 2 was one of the most acclaimed games in recent years. It ended on a bittersweet note, leaving fans wondering if there would be a sequel, and that’s exactly the topic its director just addressed.

The Last of Us Part 3
Credits: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog director Neil Druckmann is finally here confirmed that he has a concept for The Last of Us Part 3 and that it could be the final chapter in the saga. Druckmann just made the important revelation that many fans have been eagerly awaiting in the documentary Grounded II: The Making of The Last of Us Part II, which will air on YouTube and will be included in The Last of Us Part 2.

In the documentary, he explains that he’s been thinking about a third game for years, but recently came up with an idea that excited him. He said that the concept was as exciting as the first and second games and had a throughline for all three games. He also clarified that he didn’t have a story yet, but thought there might be an additional chapter to the story.

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Naughty Dog is doing well on The Last of Us Part 3

Druckmann also clarified itHe was not referring to the previous interview given in 2021, where he said that Naughty Dog has an outline for a third game. He clarified that he was actually talking about a secondary story centered on Joel’s brother Tommy, who had a tragic arc in The Last of Us Part 2.

He clarified that this secondary story was never the subject of the full title and was sidelined due to Naughty Dog’s other priorities. He added that he still hopes that this side of the story will one day see the light of day, But he didn’t know if it would be a game or a series.

While waiting for more information about The Last of Us Part 3, Fans can enjoy The Last of Us Part II: Remastered, which was released on PS5 earlier this month. The remastered version offers improved graphics and performance and many other new features, which we were able to talk about at length during our testing.

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