A massive fire broke out in a warehouse in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia – plumes of smoke can be seen for kilometers. On Saturday January 13, a fire broke out in the warehouse of a major online sales brand in St. Petersburg, Russia. The fire did not cause any casualties, said emergency services, which claimed to have deployed more than 270 firefighters to douse the blaze.

On Telegram, the Russian Emergencies Ministry clarified that the flames affected an area of ​​70,000 square meters. By noon, the morning fire was still not extinguished, according to these sources, but the spread of the fire had stopped.

Images, transmitted by emergency services and Visible in our video at the top of the article, At dawn, in the middle of a snowy area, show a huge cloud of black smoke rising from the flames. On Telegram, a passenger on a plane flying over the area shared a video showing the scale of the fire as seen from the sky.

The warehouse belongs to the company Wildberry, one of the leading online sales sites in the country, known as the “Russian Amazon”.

Fires in such infrastructure or industrial sites are frequent in Russia and are mainly caused by non-compliance with safety standards or outdated equipment.

Anton Bestugin, an online sales expert quoted by the Russian press agency Ria Novosti, confirmed that 8.7% of Wildberry Group’s orders were concentrated in the warehouse. The latter clarified on Telegram that customers and resellers will be compensated for goods lost in the fire.

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