Zeroal puts another layer on management’s “lies” around the controversial Tifo

Rachid Zeroel defends the position of the southern winners after the controversy over the typho in honor of Redouane Bougheraba during the OM-PSG match. A guest on “After Foot” on RMC, supporters group boss Pablo Longoria lamented the situation and also accused the Marseille club president of lying.

The day after OM’s defeat against Paris at the Velodrome (0-2), the Marseille microcosm erupts around a tifo in honor of the comedian Redouane Bougheraba, and the differences between the southern winners led by Pablo Longoria and Rachid Zeroal.

“Longoria? I’m surprised by his reaction, as are many of our supporters, to make everyone believe that… we’re back in the past with more lies”, said this Monday, on the show. After football At the RMC, after seeing the Olympian president’s reaction, the Ultra Group boss is convinced that Tifo was not aware of it. “Of course the club is aware because unfortunately you know it is OM who manages the stadium. They are the ones who rent the stadium to Redouane Bouguereba for his shows. (…) When we make Tifo, we OM Keeping management informed.”

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“Pope Diouf, we defy imprisonment to pay homage to him”

There is no question, either, of allowing himself to be accused of disrespecting Pape Diouf. Initially planned for a match against Shakhtar in the Europa League, the tifo was deployed against PSG in honor of Redoubt Bogheraba on the fourth anniversary of the former president’s death. But here again, Rachid Zeroal condemned the false controversy.

“Pope Diouf, we ignored imprisonment to pay tribute to him, he was the winner who went to the stadium on the day of his death,” insisted the fiery boss of the Ultra group. “We have always paid tribute to the dead, we are first and foremost winners.”

And to end with a final solution aimed at Pablo Longoria: “You went to hand him the microphone and this idiot, as president… Pape Diouf, he would have said he was amazed by what he saw.”

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