“We should not restrict ourselves from using it”: LR deputies debate censure motion

This Tuesday morning, April 2, Republican deputies paid tribute to Georges Pompidou, who died 50 years ago. But they debated for about twenty minutes, during their weekly meeting, whether or not to table a censure motion in the National Assembly. In which there will be a strong chance of bringing down the Atal government.

“It is a weapon at our disposal, we must not avoid using it,” said party president Eric Ciotti, questioned by Courage MP Frederic Meunier, according to comments recorded by several participants. Use it yes, but when, how and for what purpose? Many deputies wanted to question him, such as the head of the LR group, Olivier Marlax, on this burning topic.

“Do we say stop or again? »

“The subject group is interested, we want to know the employment principle,” states the elected representative of Haut-Rhin, Raphael Schellenberger. Desiring to understand his party’s strategy in this matter, his colleague Michel Herbillon declared from Racine: “I surrender blindly to the fate that leads me. (“Andromache”, Act I Scene I) ” Laughter in the room, but concern shared.

Eric Ciotti did not lose sight of the fact that a possible consequence of the censure motion would be the dissolution of the assembly by the head of state. “Do we say stop or again? », questioned the party president, recalling that it was necessary to be more aggressive on budget issues, facing an executive that has shown in recent months (with the hunting of Rachida Dati) that it wants to “destroy” the LR.

“We cannot continue like this. Public opinion is becoming impatient, we need to adopt a real oppositional posture. A natural tool for this is censorship. But it was not applicable until then, because our electorate considered it as entrepreneurship. But the evolution of the budgetary situation means we have an opportunity,” says the group executive.

“Macron won’t install Bardella as head of government before Olympics”

“We must take time to think,” however the vice president of LR deputies, Michel Tabrot, warned at the meeting. Because LR tanners are sure that censorship before the Olympic Games will not lead to dissolution.

“Macron is not going to put Bardella as head of government before the Olympic Games,” said Olivier Marlix. An Ipsos poll of December 2023 was cited by LR as suggesting that in the event of early legislative elections, which would necessarily lead to dissolution, it is the RN that will win a majority of seats in the National Assembly. If there is no dissolution, is LR prepared to propose an alliance to the executive, with a right-wing prime minister and some essential programmatic issues? This issue was also raised on Tuesday morning.

“To censor, there must be awareness in public opinion (serious problem) », commented Olivier Marlix. Can the economic condition of the country really be an opportunity for LR? “No one is talking to us about this in the markets…” admits one MP, though he is willing to consider the option. The LR group in the National Assembly has also decided to launch a commission of inquiry into the reasons for the “very strong growth in debt under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron”.

If the LR decides to go ahead with the debate – the censure proposal has been under discussion for a year – will they choose to introduce it during the debate on deficit in the Assembly on April 29? or while investigating a Imaginary reform finance bill before summer break? Republicans haven’t decided yet. “The aim of Cioti and Marlex is to stew on this topic for the deputies”, we trust the management of the LR group.

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