Riot Games (League of Legends) to lay off more than 530 employees

Fewer League of Legends games on the schedule

The group suggests that it wants to change its strategy by focusing on fewer projects at a time and therefore reducing its investment in multiple sports. We can infer from this that all recent spin-off variants Magesaker And and others since are not necessarily profitable Riot Forge will then stop producing this type of game Bandal Tel (Project L not in danger), even if we imagined that the steam roller League of Legends can compensate for the loss.

Typical big games the brave Or A wild rift Just like in the field of esports should become a priorityBut Legends of Runeterra Will see their team reduced to focus on PvE content.

unfortunately, However, the managers decided to fire these 530 people from all trades :

It’s not about pleasing shareholders or hitting quarterly profit numbers, it’s a necessity. Over the past few years, as Riot’s workforce has doubled, we’ve spread our efforts across more and more projects without knowing what players want most. The adjustments we’re making are intended to focus on the areas that have the biggest impact on your experience while minimizing investment in things that don’t. This means we’re cutting about 530 positions, representing about 11% of the roster, mostly on teams outside of core development. ยป

A justification, which once again shows that bad decisions by officials are attributed to employees in the first place, rather than holding the real culprits accountable. The company suggests that those affected will also receive 6 months minimum salary compensation, health insurance until their contract ends, or even a bonus based on their performance last year (as well as the possibility to keep their computer and follow-up to find work). . Things that certainly aren’t seen everywhere, especially in the United States, though, can’t erase the pain and hardship caused by this layoff plan.

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