Rihanna, the rock-chic and decidedly stylish mom

When it comes to fashion, Rihanna dares to be bold. The Barbadian star has been rocking different looks, juggling cuts and colors on the public stage. Rock split? Rihanna already knows. The artist adopted it when his album was released Rated RPublished in 2009. At that time, her fashion was limited to an edgy and punky style.

Fifteen years later, in Los Angeles, the businessman has revived this old sensibility Rock n roll, a Metallica t-shirt, a pair of leather motorcycle boots and a long leopard print fur coat. Wearing a thick pair of sunglasses with Gucci crystals on her nose, the diva carried her first son in her arms, RZA, who apart from being one of the cutest celebrity kids, seems to have inherited the fashion gene from her parents. This rock-chic attitude, mixing codes of Rock n roll and aesthetic halfway between glamor and wife of the herdEven Lady Gaga was able to convince, who has become a real fan in recent weeks.

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Future rock album?

Like Beyoncé, is Rihanna sending a message through her clothes? its attraction Rock n roll Will she announce the new sound of her next album promised by her mate, A$AP Rocky, for the year 2024? We can well imagine her in the repertoire of the famous group Metallica, complemented by the pop and RnB nuances that she so well masters. If rock influences have already invaded the fashion industry in recent months, putting the famous biker boots back in the spotlight, Rihanna now gives them even more credence.

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