Lacazette double scores, OL almost in final

Valencians are stunned

The Northerners struggled to respond after Lacazette scored the first goal from the penalty, but now the situation is more delicate.

Tagliafico strikes

It’s not on target, it misses Lauchet’s target.

VAR confirms the goal

There was some doubt about the position of Alexandre Lacazette, perhaps offside by a few centimeters. But ultimately it is good, the goal is well recognized.


OL has half a leg in the final! After an action to the right, Benahrama found Lacazette in the area. The Lyon captain controls, shifts and crosses his shot to evade the defender. It’s perfectly placed, 2-0!

Mars leaves its place

Good match from Belgium this evening. He was replaced by Corentin Tolisso.

Lacazette takes a yellow

He took off his jersey to celebrate his goal. In any case, the group caught fire in the stadium.


Captain Lyonnais does not track! Strong under the bar, Alexandre Lacazette gives OL the advantage! 1-0.

Penalty allowed

Stephanie Frapart confirmed her decision to award the penalty.

Frappart will view VAR images

Not sure if the penalty will be valid. The referee will see the pictures of the match. In slow motion, contact with Lacazette feels light.

Penalty for OL!

Flaw on LACAZETTE! Lyon’s captain was thrown deep and pushed around by Coffat. The referee hesitated for a few seconds before awarding the penalty.

Here we go again, cherki warming up!

Valenciennes kicked the ball in the second half. Ryan Cherky left to warm up for the OL.

Ahmed Kantari must have liked to talk to the referees

In the corridor of the Grupoma stadium, the Valencian coach asks to speak to the referee but they don’t let him.

It’s a break in Lyon!

0-0 despite clear Lyon dominance. But OL panicked and thought they had conceded the opener before VAR disallowed Valenciennes’ goal. Everything remains to be done.

Good deflection from Lacazette

Even if he has a few absorbable balls in front of goal, he does a lot of work with his back to goal. There, this allows Numah to then move to the left, but the action achieves nothing.

Perry averts Jeopardy!

A cross from the left side of Valencia’s attack was dangerous, well parried by the Lyon goalkeeper.

Yellow card for Mata, not Lacazette

The mother made a mistake at the beginning of the action. Lacazette, for his part, picked up a yellow for fighting hard after the goal, but it was taken back from him.

Goal canceled for Valencia!

Knockaert fouled O’Brien to recover the ball. VAR is formal, it is indisputable. So Stephanie Frapart canceled the VA’s goal. Still 0-0.

Valencens opens the score, it’s a sensation

Knockaert recovers the ball at O’Brien’s feet and then Ducour serves, who scores! 1-0 for VA!

Woodenberg is cared for

With a cotton ball in his nose, he gets back to his feet and the game begins again. On the other hand, Lyon regained the ball in their own area while possession was in Valencian territory.

Benerhama free kick

It’s in the wall. Lyon then recovers, but the referee stops the game as Woodenberg is down. A Valencia defender took the ball in the face.

Knockart runs in the middle

The Valencian player has been on two wheels for a while, for the moment, things are going well.

Continue the ball to the OL

Lyon’s dominance would continue despite the 0-0 draw. Benrahma and Numah make up most of the differences.

Numah misses the frame!

It’s getting close! Once again the difference comes from the banner on the left. The Algerian then crosses back, Numah is there and takes it with a touch but misses the target soon after.


Ghanaians live on land. On Benerhama’s cross, he appeared to push past a defender. Stephanie Frappert says nothing and VAR confirms her decision, no penalty.

The linguette breaks on the surface

He had good success, but then came into contact with Lyon’s defender himself.

Foul by Benerhama

Well managed by Linguet, who could have been troubled by this quick attack.

Perry alert

At the exit of good Valencia, the center reaches as far as Doucouré. The VA striker can’t get the restart to his liking and Perry grabs the ball with no problem.

Valenciennes is having a lot of trouble

Knockaert sometimes managed to get the ball out, with Linguet also on his right. But VA Lyon cannot reach the surface.

The head of the Kaleta-car

It’s up, but new danger on the Valencian goal.

Corner to OL

Attacks on the Valencian goal intensified. OL have clearly dominated this start of the match, we have to do it with a goal now.

Tagliafico on the post!

The Argentine’s cross was turned into a shot on goal. Louchet appears and apparently touches the ball, which also hits the post. Valenciennes is hot.

Things are heating up between Lacazette and Woudenberg

Stephanie Frapart called two players back up the order. The game can continue.

Bannerhama from inside the leg!

Numah, moving back inside, moved the Algerian well. Benerhama continues with a touch but Louchet is on the ball and catches the ball.

Huge Lochette Parade!

All already dangerous! Benerhama crosses for Numah at the far post. The Ghanaian throws himself to get the head but stumbles over Lochette, flawless. Afterwards, Numah was flagged offside, no regrets for OL.

The OL gets their feet on the ball immediately

The first attack yields nothing but Lyonnais immediately takes matters into his own hands.

Let’s go to Park Ol!

This Coupe de France semi-final is kicked off by OL, at home. In the evening the winner will face either PSG or Rennes in the final.

Kick-off imminent

A chance to recall the evening’s compositions.

OL: Perry – Mata, O’Brien, Caleta-Carr, Tagliafico – Matic – Numah, Caquerette, Mangala, Benrahma – Lacazette.

Valencians: Louchet – Linguet, Cuffaut, Woudenberg, Basse – Moursou, Masson – Hamasse, Knockaert, Lilepo – Doucouré.

Remy Vercotre speaks before kick-off

The crowd at Grupoma Stadium should be a big advantage for OL tonight.

Eleven of the VA

Composition of Valencians: Louchet – Linguet, Cuffaut, Woudenberg, Basse – Moursou, Masson – Hamasse, Knockaert, Lilepo – Doucouré.

Valenciennes was in only one Coupe de France final

It was in 1951 for a 3-0 defeat in the final against Strasbourg. Valencians have the chance to return to the finals this year, to salvage a disastrous L2 season where the northerners are currently last.

OL is used to elimination in the semi-finals

Lyonnais have not reached the final of the Coupe de France since 2012, the date of their last title against Quivilly. But in the meantime, OL have been knocked out three times in the semi-finals of the competition, against Rennes in 2019, Paris in 2020 and Nantes in 2023.

Here’s the Lyon lineup, with Perry in goal

Pierre Sage starts Lucas Perry in the cage, as in the previous two rounds. Compared to this weekend, Mata and Tagliafico return to defence, while Numah, Mangala and Banerhama join the midfield. Cherki remains on the bench.

OL’s XI: Perry – Mata, O’Brien, Caleta-Carr, Tagliafico – Matic – Numah, Caquerette, Mangala, Benrahma – Lacazette.

“Worst possible draw”, why OL are playing so big against Valenciennes

Olympique Lyonnais hosts Valenciennes this Tuesday evening (8:45 pm) in the Coupe de France semi-final (8:45 pm). If Ron Club has a golden chance to save his season, he might as well make a huge loss.

>> Why OL is playing so big against Valenciennes

“Clear objective” for the Coupe de France, OL.

Corentin Tolisso, the OL midfielder, is counting on victory in the Coupe de France to improve a very difficult season that has long seen Lyon occupy last place in L1. The club is looking to win its first title since the Champions Trophy in 2012.

“It’s clearly a goal,” said the French international (28 caps, 2 goals) on March 13. “It’s definitely a clear objective. We want to go to the final and win the cup. When we come like this and we get to the semi-finals, the objective, especially when we play at home, is really about qualifying. And once you Get to the final, you don’t go there to lose.”

Valenciennes, according to Pierre Sage, “the worst draw for OL”.

To reach the last four, OL beat Pontarlier (0-3, N3), Bergerac (1-2, N2) then Lille (2-1) and Strasbourg (0-0, 4 tab 3) at home. The Rhone team now have another meeting at home, against Valenciennes, last in L2 with just two wins in 30 matches, “the worst draw for OL”, in the words of coach Pierre Sage, going into this week.

“Everyone thinks it’s the best draw but it’s the worst,” the coach said on March 7. “It gives me satisfaction to play at home, given the excitement we had in the quarter-final against Strasbourg.”

Hello everyone

Welcome to our live stream to follow the first semi-final of the Coupe de France between Lyon and Valenciennes, last in L2, this Tuesday (8:45 pm) at the Groupe Stadium.

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