“It’s crazy,” jubilated Julia Simon after the French sprint victory

Julia Simon crowned biathlon world sprint champion.

The biathlon world champion enjoyed his coronation and quarter of the blues in the Czech Republic this Friday.

“That’s something that will be remembered more than the fact that Julia Simon became world champion. It’s crazy,” said Julia Simone, gold in the sprint ahead of three other French women at the Biathlon Worlds on Friday.

What is your feeling after this world sprint title? Are you close to the perfect race?

It was a really great race, well built from start to finish. The important thing was to put the ball in, I managed to do that and I am really satisfied. It is approaching a perfect race. Once out of the shooting range, I admit it cut my legs a bit, I had a hard time finishing the race and I think I gave up seconds to think a little too much. But I’m really glad that all my focus, my mind, was on these shots, here at Worlds, that day. It’s a dream run, I’m glad to be able to experience this moment. A perfect run brings a gold medal. Putting out a perfect race is a matter of great pride.

What inspires you about this historic quartet of French women?

It’s amazing. And it goes together, because I’m happy to be at the top of this quadrant. This will be remembered for something more than the fact that Julia Simon became world champion that day. It’s crazy.

The title comes after a complicated summer.

Touched but not drowned, I am still here, still at war. Last season was crazy, we know it’s not easy to confirm back then, but I manage to do it, so that’s cool. It took a lot of energy, I wasn’t used to being in front of the stage like that, doing a media tour in Paris, it’s a big challenge. I started the season a bit tired and to be able to put in the energy at the right time proves to me that we have undoubted resources.

Was there a stronger feeling on the podium and during Marseilles?

Sophie (Chauveau, fourth) told me I had the right to cry, so I cried (laughs). It’s great, it’s a lot of work that pays off… It’s hard to explain, I’m very humble when it comes to emotions. I am not used to giving up like this. But if I don’t do it when I’m world champion, I never will.

Q: How do you see the chase coming into Sunday?

With Justin’s speed on skis, I have to expect a comeback. But it will be any other kind of race, we have to play on the shooting range, and we will see back. I want to enjoy the moment. Well, it’s a world championship race, but it’s still a biathlon race with targets to shoot down, skiing, we’ll try to keep things simple.

You did not miss a single target in twenty shots (10 in the mixed relay and 10 in the sprint). Do you think you have mastered this shooting range?

We don’t have complicated situations, it’s easy to manage. We’re lucky, maybe we’ll have moments that go further.

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