In order for GTA 6 to dominate the market, Sony’s future label “PS5 Pro Enhanced” will require developers to run games at 60 fps and include ray tracing.

JVTech News In order for GTA 6 to dominate the market, Sony’s future label “PS5 Pro Enhanced” will require developers to run games at 60 fps and include ray tracing.


A new leak hints at benchmarks aiming to give Sony PS5 Pro status.

What does Sony have in store for us at the end of the year?

For several months, rumors have been burning up the video game sector with speculation surrounding the possible release of the PS5 Pro later this year. And recent reports, especially relayed by Insider GamingBy revealing details on the possible features of this future console, this fueled the anticipation even more. According to these leaks, the PS5 Pro promises significant improvements in its GPU capabilities, while improvements to the CPU and memory will be more modest.

This new configuration raises many questions about its impact on PS5 games, especially existing games. An in-depth analysis of Digital Foundry suggests that these hardware improvements may primarily result in better image quality and the addition of ray tracing features rather than a significant increase in refresh rate, although this may vary between games. However, according to the latest information shared by Insider Gaming, a new “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label will appear to distinguish games that benefit from PS5 Pro improvements..

“PS5 Pro Enhanced” label for games

This label will be affixed to games that offer exclusive graphics options for PS5 Pro, Specifically an increase in resolution up to 4K, a constant refresh rate of 60 frames per second, and the addition or enhancement of ray tracing effects.. To be eligible for this label, developers will need to deliver a gaming experience that meets these criteria, in addition to other specifications set by Sony. From what we understand, these criteria may include higher resolutions for games running at a fixed resolution on standard consoles, higher frame rates for games aiming for a fixed refresh rate on the console standard, as well as the inclusion of rays. Exclusive tracing effects for PS5 Pro.

To dominate the market on GTA 6, Sony's future label

This new “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label will therefore be a benchmark for players wanting to take full advantage of the PS5 Pro’s capabilities, indicating that the game has been optimized for the new hardware., whether through visual improvements, increased performance or higher resolution. This has led some observers to believe that Sony intends to set the label up to dominate the market with the future release of GTA 6. However, and as always, It should be remembered that all this information remains at the stage of rumors for the momentOfficial confirmation from PlayStation is pending.

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