Esport – League of Legends – Nisky: “Our glass ceiling is very high, but we are progressing very slowly”

“You were stripped of your qualification for the play-offs of the spring segment of the LEC at the last minute – the European Championship. League of Legends -, Monday, after a tie-breaker against Rog. How did you experience this long day?
We were very confident going into our first match against Rogue. But from the beginning of the game, we understood that it would be very difficult to win… After the loss, we had a long conversation and everything changed in the way we play and the way we prepare. Losing it was almost a good thing: when your back is against the wall, you play well. We found ourselves on a tie-break (Victory this time against disease)So I am happy.

Where did you need to make adjustments?
in draft, but especially in the game. I’ve been talking a lot less in basic games lately, but it was pointed out to me that this was indeed the case during the loss to Rogue. I was told I owed more Lead. I took it to heart, I gave it my all and it went really well. That’s something we were missing, but I realized it a little too late. Recently, I was seeing actions in my head, but I wasn’t necessarily approaching them. But if I take the pressure off my teammates’ shoulders to think about the game, it helps them play better, so that’s something I’m going to do more of.

Were you afraid of elimination in the group stage? Sportingly, it would have been a disaster…
Immediately after the loss, I told my teammates that it was impossible for us to lose, even if we had to beat Carmine and then Rogue, we would do it because we were better than them. You shouldn’t just shit. I was very confident. It was the same mentality as MAD last year, where we were eighth for a while during the season, but eventually won division. We knew we were better than others, but we were doing anything.

You’ve won several close games since the start of the season, especially against Carmine Corp. You came out on top in a tie-breaker… Despite your struggles in the game, do you handle the pressure well?
Yes. We all trust each other, everyone feels good in the team, so if there is a mistake, no one cares. We show a lot of resilience and we are very united, that makes the difference in close matches. When the thugs were in front of us for example, they were doing anything on the map, they had no answer and quit the game.

Do you think you’ve progressed since the start of the season? As with all teams, your goal should be to excel this summer, as you qualify for the World…
I think in certain matches, it shows that we feel good and that we are making progress. For example the regular season match against Vitality, where we destroyed them in 20 minutes, there were some very good things. Even during the tie-break what we did against the Thugs… there is something good about it Gameplay, but not consistent enough. I think we’re better than we were two months ago anyway. Our glass ceiling is very high, but we are making progress very slowly.

Our quality of training is not good and we really need to improve it. We are not disciplined enough to have equal matches on stage, which then makes us doubt our champions. But if we get there, I am sure we will go far, because we have a good base. And we have to make progress, because all the other teams are doing it…

In the first round of the play-offs you will face Team Vitality, who are in good form at the moment. Do you think you have the wherewithal to get ahead?
I don’t really fear any particular team. If we have a good week of training, I’m sure we’ll beat Vitality. If we have an average week, there will be doubts, we don’t know what’s strong or what’s not… On paper, it’s a fairly balanced match. It will mainly play out on Solo lane. “irrelevant” (Joel Scarroll) And I’m a little better overall I’d say, so I hope we can prove that and show that we can play. »

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