But what are these white and orange boxes that dot our streets?

You might have come across these boxes wondering what they can be used for? We have the answer.

For several weeks, Many citiesAs invaded by Versailles (Yvelines). Orange and white box. But do you really know? Their usefulness ? Explanations.

Boxes explode everywhere

they Looks like radar A rat trap for some, a rat trap for others… we can too Think of an abandoned battery. From March 2024, these small boxes Talk to local residents. So most of the time, They are attached to the posts And they used to “Exploring the Geothermal Potential of Patna Soils”.

According to A poster placed on the boxMore details are suggested: “Its presence at this particular location is the result of intensive technical studies. It needs to be left in place for the quality of data it will collect. »

A truck to vibrate the ground

The utility of the box takes shape whenA truck will pass for Investigate underground heat sources. The same would be true of Versailles, but also of towns such as Trappes and Plaisir.

During its passage, the funny truck will shake the ground in the respective streets. Vehicles will vibrate the ground and send valuable information to the sensors in the box.

later, Map of locations with underground resources Exploitable will be drawn. In search of the energy needed for tomorrow’s challenges, this initiative is ultimately logical. On the Geothermies website, a map is available showing the passage of the different trucks.

The operation will end on April 15, 2024 and the results are much awaited. The GéoScan project was presented in Versailles on February 21, and is considered an important step in the exploration of the geothermal potential of the city. The use of vibrator trucks (one of 14 in the world with this state-of-the-art technology) is part of the ecological transition approach. You should know that France aims to double the use of geothermal energy for heat production. This is the case for urban heating networks.

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