An alarming shift in jihadist women

Women linked to the Islamic State in Syria’s al-Hol refugee camp in March 2019.
Maya Alleruzzo/AP

Decryption – According to a European study, their involvement in terrorist projects has increased in recent years.

Islamist lunatics have worried European counter-terrorism for years. In a significant transnational study (1) published on January 31 (Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands), the International Center for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT, based in The Hague) is interested in this “Jihadist women facing justice” as well as evolution. Treatment reserved for them. In just over 200 pages, five authors (2) so what they call “TheViolent Extremist Offenders Linked to Jihad

Their work is based on interviews with 69 counter-terrorism experts and policy makers and analysis of court decisions on 277 female jihadists. This study does not fail to remind us first of all that the participation of women in terrorist activities (Islamist or otherwise) is not new. We remember, for example, the Belgian Muriel Degauque, who died in 2005 in a suicide bomber in Iraq. But the numbers and visibility…

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