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It had been 347 days since Quebec crab fisherman, Merel Chiasson, accidentally hit the jackpot. He plans to use his new wealth for his retirement and to help his family.

He almost missed it by a great fortune. It had been 347 days since Merel Chiasson, a Quebecer from Bas-Caracte, accidentally hit the jackpot. A lottery ticket worth 64 million dollars (more than 41 million euros) to be exact. Almost a year after the April 15, 2023 draw, this crab fisherman from New Brunswick went to check his ticket. And he did well. Because he hit the jackpot in the National 6/49 Atlantic Lotto game.

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However, within nineteen days, the ticket was no longer valid and he would not have been able to retrieve his winnings… For several days, Atlantic Lotto had been taking several initiatives to find the big winner. A town crier was also sent to Gloucester, New Brunswick, to spread the word and help locate unclaimed winning tickets that were due on April 15.

“I don’t want anything big”

In a press release published by Lotto Atlantic, the man says he plays regularly, keeps his lottery tickets at home and checks them every month before they expire. But he never imagined that he could become a winner. “I’ve always done that and I never thought I’d win big, so I just left the ticket there and didn’t worry too much about it.” It says in a press release. With this method, however, he claims they never fear losing the prize.

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When he went to pick up his check, he said he found it hard to believe. “There were a lot of zeros, so I wasn’t sure,” He declared. Despite this advantage, Merrell Chiasson does not intend to stop playing the lottery. He said he bought other tickets after the winning ticket. More for fun to play. Because crab fishermen have simple dreams. “I don’t want anything big” He declared. “It won’t change me, I’m still the same person. » With his new fortune, he plans to retire for good and use the money to help his family.

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