Aid cut, but easing to come from May 15

Changes are taking place in the state support system for people wishing to carry out energy renovation work in their homes, MaPrimeRénov’. From April 1, some aid has been reduced. But other beneficial measures will come into effect from May 15.

MaPrimeRénov’ is a state aid implemented from January 2020 for owners who want to carry out energy renovation work in the housing they live in or that they offer for rent. In 2024, this system has undergone changes and will go through others. Assistance is now available in three components: MaPrimeRénov’, MaPrimeRénov’ Parcours, accompanied and MaPrimeRénov’ co-owned. MaPrimeRénov’ is the main help to change your heating or hot water system in favor of a more ecological system, depending on the function that is envisaged.

Apart from that, from April 1, the amount of assistance for installation of heating equipment has been reduced. “This includes, for example, wood, log or pellet boilers or stoves. Envelope reduced by about 30% », details TF1 information. For example, assistance for the installation of wood stoves for the most precarious households was reduced from 2,500 euros to 1,800 euros. For low-income families, it goes from 2,000 to 1,500 euros.

DPE has no further responsibility in advance

However, from May 15, some measures will be eased. From May 15 to December 31, 2024, In mainland France, MapremeRénov has taken over the obligation to provide an Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) for requests for assistance (route by gesture) », announces Bercy. So it will be possible, from May 15 “Until December 31, benefit from the envelope to make a single thermal insulation gesture”, While currently it is necessary “Your heating method should be changed”, Indicates TF1.

“By May 15, owners of housing labeled F or G, the least efficient, are required to carry out a major renovation”Adds the same source. Another significant innovation from May 15: it will be authorized “Provision of sale contract while submitting premium request, production of proof of pending ownership to receive payment of premium”Bersi notes on his site.

other side, “Carrying out ventilation work will also involve carrying out thermal insulation work. Of course, you can replace your VMC only on the condition that you also insulate your walls from the outside, for example”, recalls TF1. Additionally, you should know that using an approved supervisor for certification of work is a requirement to qualify for reclassification in the Energy Performance System (DPE).

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