A scathing message from the southern winners to their opponents after the controversial OM-PSG match

The Southern winners published a viral press release on Tuesday to respond to criticism after a controversial tip-off in honor of comedian Redouane Bouguereba in OM-PSG’s side. A group of Marseille supporters condemned certain opponents’ desire to expel them and also expressed regret at the club’s reaction to the controversy.

Defeated by PSG (0-2) during the Classic, Olympique de Marseille indulges in a bit of psychodrama. Not to the performance of Jean-Louis Gasset’s players, but to the tifo deployed by the South Conquerors in honor of comedian Redouane Bougheraba before their show at the Velodrome. Two days after the meeting, a group of supporters responded violently to their opponents in a press release on Tuesday that resembled an open letter.

“Given the extent of the recent counter debates, we want to clarify the situation and signal the end of entertainment. When should we, the winners of the South, justify ourselves in our daily lives as supporters of Marseille and OM for 37 years,” in a press release published on social networks Marseille Ultra said. “Want to manage our lives? Our platform? Our group and all its components? And so, by deduction, you want to teach us Marseilles? We understand that you don’t like us, but we welcome you with open arms, but You decided otherwise by imposing your bad mentality on us.”

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“We have no orders to receive from anyone.”

Following Rachid Zeroal’s public position, on Monday After football At the RMC, the authors of the press release in question (signed “Le Noyau”) reiterated their attacks against those seeking to harm the conquerors of the South. Not without forgetting to remember their independence and their willingness not to succumb to pressure.

“We don’t have any orders to get from anyone, especially since you don’t scare us. Whether those giving lessons hide behind fake Twitter accounts”, once again attacked the ultras of the famous South Bend group of the velodrome. “Those of you who believe in judging our actions in the stadium, diverting and communicating misinformation, creating buzz and destabilizing our club, but above all attacking our group, shut up and focus on your reading! “

A new stealth solution for Longoria

Not without recalling his love and good understanding with Pep Diouf, whose fourth anniversary of his death precisely coincided with this OM-PSG at the Velodrome, the southern conquerors also had a little sneaky tackle on Pablo Longoria. Without naming him directly, the president of OM is thus accused of publicly criticizing Tifo in tribute to Redouane Bougheraba on the grounds that he did not know.

“If he (Pape Diouf) were still in this world, he would be delighted at the idea of ​​OM outside Marseille filling the velodrome on June 22, even if he didn’t know,” the team then continued. Ultras in their acerbic diatribe. “You are ridiculous and insulting for bringing this subject into public discussion.”

Before adding a little further, this time aimed at his opponents: “We still give you the sole right to just keep your mouth shut. The good Lord be our witness. You’ve only succeeded “The only thing is that you keep your mouth shut. . The mind of the weakest.”

Jean-Guy Lebreton Journalist RMC Sport

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