A 63-year-old priest sparked outrage by marrying a 12-year-old girl

This Saturday, March 30, 2024, the marriage of an influential pastor to a 12-year-old child from the Nuguana indigenous community sparked outrage in Ghana.

Over the weekend, several videos and photos of the incident were widely circulated on social networks and created a veritable uproar across the country.

The traditional marriage took place between a high religious dignitary, Numo Borkate Lohe Tsuru XXXIII, and a child barely 12 years old. Several dozen members of the Nugua tribal community were present.

Another ceremony is planned

In some videos, we can hear women in the community advising the child to wear attractive clothes and perfume for her husband.Strengthen your sexual attraction towards him

The footage sparked outrage with some netizens urging the National Police and the Ministry of Child Protection to intervene. Some even “Arrest of all those who supported this marriage

Purify her in preparation for her new role as the High Priest’s wife. This ceremony will also prepare her for marital responsibilities such as childbirth“, according to the channel Ablade TV.

19% of Ghanaian women are married before the age of 18

Loan for his part”fully approved and justified the union, although he admitted that his attention was attracted by the young bride’s age.“, reports a local channel.

Faced with widespread criticism, community leaders said people did not understand their customs or traditions.

Like France, the legal minimum age for marriage in Ghana is 18 years. If traditional marriages are recognized by the country, the persons concerned must not be less than 18 years of age. According to the NGO “Girls Not Brides”, 19% of girls in the country are married before reaching the age of 18 and 5% are married before their 15th birthday.

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