You may be eligible for Medicaid 2024 if you meet these requirements

To help low-income people pay their medical bills, the United States government offers health insurance. This is Medicaid, which was expanded as part of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

The act allocated funds for states to extend assistance to nonelderly adults with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level.

But, to receive Medicaid benefits, certain requirements must be met that vary from state to state. However, generally, these are the aspects that are considered to determine eligibility.

We are talking about age; Income and resources and number of family members. On the other hand, pregnancy, disability and whether one is a US citizen or permanent resident are also taken into consideration.

How much do you have to earn to get Medicaid?

Depending on each state’s regulations, the income and resource limits considered to determine whether an individual is eligible vary.

Here we refer to: cash, money in checking and savings accounts, loans, promissory notes, stocks, bonds, time deposits and mutual funds. However, mining and logging rights and real estate are also included.

It should be noted that, according to the American Council on Aging, the maximum income limit varies based on the applicant’s marital status. For example, whether a spouse is also applying for Medicaid and what type they are applying for.

On the other hand, nursing home Medicaid income limits may differ from home and community-based Medicaid. However, these limits may be different for the elderly, blind and disabled.

Additionally, they range from $350.00 USD to $2829.00 USD monthly for individuals and married couples where only one person applies. Meanwhile, the limit for married people, where both apply, is between $392.00 USD and $5658.00 USD.

People are also encouraged to call their state Medicaid office for more information and to see if they are eligible.

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