Will plane ticket prices increase in 2024?

The year 2022 was marked by significant inflation in the airline sector in France, with a price increase of 22%. For 2023, the data shows a slight slowdown compared to the previous surge. But it does not seem to be aligned with the level of inflation in France.

Indeed, for the year 2023, an average increase of 8.6% in ticket prices is projected, across all destinations. Considering average French inflation, costs remain significantly higher, although the increase is less marked than in 2022 (+21.7%). However, one crucial question remains: will travelers see a real drop in costs or will they face higher fares to fly from France this year?

Ticket prices have exceeded the French average inflation

Inflation in the French airline sector, although less marked than in 2022 with an increase of 21.7%, remains significant. The Passenger Air Transport Price Index last December saw an increase of 34.3% compared to December 2017.

According to the DGAC analysis: “ The year 2023 was marked by two distinct periods of price development: in the first half of 2023 strong monthly changes reached a monthly peak in February, in the second half of 2023 the monthly changes were more measured showing a particularly negative variation in three months ( July, November and December)

The epidemic is more marked in some regions than others, such as overseas, which does not fail to raise doubts on the point of launching a parliamentary commission of inquiry to clarify this outbreak. in Indeed, inflation in the region reaches a threshold of 19% in a year of these prices. For its part, as reported by BFMTV, the industry explained last May that this price hike “ Continued discrepancies in kerosene prices in French divisions of America and reunion with those practicing in mainland France

Surprisingly, these prices do not deter the French from taking the plane, “ With French traffic around 95% of 2019 levels and even 100% in December 2023 », notes the National Federation of Aerial and its Professions (Fnam).

What is the price trend for the next few months?

For airlines like Air France, the trend is upward. They believe that prices will rise further due to different reasons. First, oil prices, which are very volatile, directly affect kerosene. Additionally, the companies are in the process of major fleet renewal. The planes used will now be more economical in terms of energy (fuel), which will negatively affect ticket prices. In fact, this so-called clean fuel (SAF) is three times more expensive than kerosene.

These factors indicate an imminent increase in airline ticket prices. It remains to be seen whether the French will continue to travel as they do today.

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