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Minecraft has been roaming the gaming landscape for over ten years with its PC version and its various ports on all home consoles… all of them? Not really. While Minecraft is playable on PlayStation consoles, the game only has a PS4 version. That said, things may change soon.

PS5 version of Minecraft found

As often happens, social networks contain a lot of news, including its share of fake news, but also information that is later confirmed, especially when certain users have a solid reputation on the web.

If we tell you this, it’s because PlayStation account Game Size published a clear message regarding Minecraft on its X account, with a simple mention of the PS5 version, followed by a validation gif. Known for its leaks of information from the PlayStation Store, PlayStationize has a reputation for marking up several times to discuss future PlayStation games.

His statement will not be without meaning as the developer Mojang has already done a lot of work for the Xbox version. A recent update allowing support for 4K in the preview version is a perfect example.

This fact has been established, although it is known that the players of the brand are mainly waiting for the optimized version for the current generation, although it will never come.

To understand this story, we have to go back to the year 2023 where the appearance of the Xbox series, however, Microsoft declared that these lists are part of the standard approvals regularly obtained from various organizations.

Given how many platforms and regions Minecraft is available in, we periodically review and update ratings with various regional boards. This recent review is not an indication of new releases or platform support for Minecraft in the near future.

In addition, the year 2021 was also marked by the appearance of prototype code that allowed support for ray tracing on Xbox consoles in an early version available to Xbox Insiders, which the Redmond firm would quickly retract before releasing the code:

This early prototype has been removed from the code preview and does not indicate future plans for ray tracing support on consoles.

Will the PlayStation 5 have better luck? The next few weeks will help us see things more clearly.

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