Will Hailey Bieber’s Lip Gloss Phone Case Be The Next Road Thing?

All it takes is a post with a simple description of “Just Girl Stuff” to send a message to the whole world. After launching its new Pineapple Care range, Hailey Bieber His Instagram created a surprise by solving a conundrum we didn’t even know existed. Glamorous mirror selfie, outfit and make-up worn by my wife that girl Appeared with high-end technical assistant, A iPhone cover Equipped with a notch to slide gloss. A huge surprise from the creator of a skincare brand Red skin in 2022, and which has since released a series of publications that have been making noise in the beauty sector. The shine with peptides, milky products and other minimal treatments makes it attractive due to the staging, in which only the model has been able to master the accuracy: Hailey does not cease to amaze us. And let us spend the money.

The new Rode Shell, at the crossroads of tech and beauty

The perfect blend between a Beautista essential accessory and a practical tech tool, we can only trust Hailey Bieber to come up with such a concept. The purpose of this hull is not yet sold on the Rode site: to be able to take your gloss PeptidesK that girl Already released in tinted versions, Raspberry Jelly, Toast and Espresso. A stroke of marketing genius that encourages you to buy the gloss just by the case, and makes you want to keep your little tube with you at all times… For the moment, there’s only one form that’s given a release notice. Posted on the Road Skin website, the announcement is “Coming Soon” which only fuels our impatience. One thing’s for sure, we want to get our hands on this item that can’t be found anywhere else!

What should we expect from the new Rode products?

Surfing the trend while creating something new is Hailey Bieber’s specialty! With her brand Rode, the model has already transformed everyday products into essentials, with simple plumping glosses becoming makeup treatments, milky essences transforming into lotions for glow, and most recently, Rode Gentle Daily Cleanser Enriched with AHA. But then, what will be the brand’s next release? In addition Phone case which should be released on the site soon, we foresee the release of other products enriched with fruit enzymes (after all, Hailey specializes in delicious treatments named after sweets), and why not… an SPF treatment to protect yourself from UV rays? More in the next Instagram post!

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