Will an epic crossover with Fortnite: One Piece see the light of day?

Fortnite has a history of collaborating with characters from successful movies. Will there be a crossover with One Piece?

This is the question that has been bothering many Fortnite players… Will the phenomenal crossover with One Piece ever see the light of day? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Crossovers that cause excitement

Epic Games is doing everything possible to captivate its players. Eric Williamson states: “We are glad that the players are enjoying the game and having a good time with it. The Fortnite team is looking to improve everything across the board.

before adding: ” Whether it’s improving performance, creating content, or updating existing game assets, we’re always looking to improve the experience.“For Fortnite, you can Discover many strategies.

This makes the game more relevant. For example, there are more and more New skins. Some come from crossovers with big movies like Spider-Man, Star Wars Family Guy and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Or hello…

But that’s not all! Because according to the latest Fortnite leaks, there might be Collaboration with One Piece. This is what Kiftekal_Nick and @xboxera said. He also mentions collaborations with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Doom Slayer.

If Fortnite decides to collaborate with One Piece, It is no coincidence. because The manga was a hit on Netflix. Indeed, the series has broken records. So much so that the director decided to do it again.

Fortnite is coming soon in collaboration with One Piece

Given the popularity of One Piece, Epic Games will do everything possible to ensure this work is up to date. The height of all hopes.

for Make this cola perfectEpic Games has to work on certain things. Like weapons. But on their abilities. Our colleagues at Sport Skidda add that “ It’s possible that the One Piece collab will introduce its own niche: The Going Mary.

“This will be similar to how the Daily Bugle was added to the island for the Spider-Man collab in Chapter 3. Although these Fortnite leaks provide hard evidence that a One Piece collab is in the works. Development, there is no timetable. »

So for now, it’s just a matter of fact Hallway sounds. But these rumors are becoming more and more frequent. So maybe a collaboration with One Piece Produce ahead of schedule.

Our colleagues at Sport Skidda raise the prospect of seeing it in the end. Fortnite Chapter 5. Siftekal_Nick and @xboxera also discuss the possibility of seeing other collaborations in the coming days. So it’s a matter of following through.


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