While he enjoyed a lot of popularity thanks to Baldur’s Gate 3, he is now in the sauce!

Game news While he enjoyed a lot of popularity thanks to Baldur’s Gate 3, he is now in the sauce!


The voice actor, who made a name for himself thanks to the 2023 game, is currently at the center of a controversy on social networks.

Voice actors thanked for Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate III was a real phenomenon last year and according to most players it deserves its GOTY title. It must be said that with its vast universe, its stunning art direction, its particularly careful dialogues, its impressive life span and its captivating storyline, Larian Studios hit hard with this third opus. They have managed to attract both experienced players and laymen alike.

Although the Belgian studio recently announced that they will no longer be making any content with the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, the developers will continue to offer regular updates to add some new content. In other words, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a title, because Larian Studios decided to go full steam ahead, deciding to guide their ambition. However, players are not ready to forget this outstanding video game experience, just like the voice actors who have experienced a huge increase in success thanks to this title. We can significantly quote Neil Newbon playing the Astarian, who was “on the verge of ending his career” as an actor. The voice actors of different peers also benefit from a lot of notoriety, as do actors who play less prominent characters. Thus, Fraser Blaxland, who stepped into the Tiefling Demon’s shoes, enjoyed considerable popularity. However, following a controversy, the latter risks being replaced!

While he enjoyed a lot of popularity thanks to Baldur's Gate 3, he is now in the sauce!

Damon’s voice actor is at the center of controversy

While he experienced some recognition thanks to his role in Baldur’s Gate 3, he is currently at the center of a major controversy that could cost him everything. On X (formerly known as Twitter), many Internet users noted that Fraser Blackland’s account was following accounts deemed problematic.. Thus, the comedian interacted with homophobic publications and took a stand for Israel, which offended part of the Baldur’s Gate 3 fan community. He tried to apologize via a message, but quickly deleted it due to the overwhelmingly negative response. The controversy became so great that Neil Newbon, who played Astarion, publicly expressed his distaste for Fraser Blaxland’s views.

Now, players are trying to convince Larian Studios to replace this voice actor. For the moment, the Belgian studio has not commented on the situation, but some believe that decisions have already been made. Indeed, Fraser Blaxland has removed all mention of Baldur’s Gate 3 from his profile, suggesting that the replacement process may have already begun.. Thus, during the update, this character can suddenly change his voice.

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