“When you stay too long, we only see your mistakes”, Laurent Fournier will understand Mbappe’s departure

A guest on the Cop Paris show on BFM Paris this Monday, former PSG midfielder and coach Laurent Fournier discussed Kylian Mbappé’s possible departure to Real Madrid.

Former PSG man, Laurent Fournier could not escape the question about Kylian Mbappé’s future. On the set of Cop Paris, the show that aired on BFM Paris this Monday, he was mulling over the Blues captain’s potential departure to Real Madrid, despite the loss it would represent for the moody club.

“Good for Mbappe if he manages to win this Champions League”

“If he manages to go for Real, all the better for him,” Fournier slips. “For PSG, it’s a shame to lose a player of Mbappé’s quality. Later, I think when you stay at a club for too long, we only see your flaws. At the moment, we have the impression that people only see Kylian Mbappé’s flaws. Sees, that he attracts the game to him. Honestly, if he comes to win this Champions League it will be good for PSG and Mbappe and he can leave it peacefully.”

He adds that he prefers the player “on the left rather than in the centre”, where he has “much more impact”, before speaking on another thorny topic of the moment at PSG: a possible departure from the Parc des Princes, announced a few days ago by Nasser El- by Khelafi. “We know what we want, we wasted years trying to buy the park. It’s over now. We want to move from the park,” announced the president of the Parisian club.

“I don’t see PSG without Parc des Princes”

The potential move, criticized by many supporters, will also have a special flavor for Laurent Fournier as he became the first player to celebrate his jubilee at the 16th arrondissement stadium in May 2000. “I don’t see PSG without the Parc des Princes, he says. For so many years, PSG has played in the park. Honestly, when you play in a provincial club, all you want is to come to Paris to play in the Parc des Princes. The Princes. It’s a stadium. is as grand as Geoffroy-Guichard or Garland.”

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