What will change on April 1, 2024: Insurance sticker, RSA, technical inspection, etc.

Changes from April 1, 2024 affect the French wallet upwards or downwards. The state is reducing aid on some positions and increasing aid on others. The dematerialization of green stickers on vehicles allows for significant savings, without consequences for users. As for the two-wheeler owners, now they have the responsibility to carry out the technical inspection.

Some new features will come into effect this Monday 1ster April 2024.

Display of insurance sticker on car windshield and chassis of two-wheelers is no longer mandatory from Monday morning. Now everything is digitalized.

After 40 years of good and loyal service, the green sticker is retiring! However, it is mandatory under the law to insure your vehicle. During road checks, the police and the tribes will only need one click to know the status of your means of transport; This, thanks to the Insured Vehicle File (FVA), a database created by insurance companies. The latter, in fact, has the obligation to disclose all contracts.

By saying goodbye to the green card, France saves 60 million euros and reduces its carbon footprint by around 1,200 tons per year.

According to the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR), 800,000 people in France drive without insurance, even though this is an offense punishable by a fine of at least €3,750.

Not today, but from April 15, owners of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds will have to undergo a technical inspection of their two-wheelers every three years under a fine of 135 euros.

The deadline for technical inspection depends on the year of registration:

  • December 31, 2024 for pre-2017 models;
  • December 31, 2025 for vehicles registered between 2017 and 2019;
  • and December 31, 2026 for the most recent.

More than 2.8 billion periodical protection products will change their packaging.
For greater transparency, manufacturers must now detail their composition, so that women can be better informed about the adverse effects of certain substances, especially chemicals.

All social benefits paid by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) are increased by 4.6%, which compensates for inflation: these are active solidarity income (RSA), employment premium activity, family allowance, allowance for disabled adults (AAH) or Education Allowance for Handicapped Children (AEEH).

Pharmacies double the medical deductible for people with social insurance. 1 euro will be left instead of 0.50 euro.
This increase also concerns paramedical and medical transport; In the latter case, the excess increases from 2 to 4 euros.

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