What Rihanna Said to Natalie Portman at the Dior Haute Couture Show

VsHer haute couture week in Paris sealed the birth of a friendship: that of Rihanna and Natalie Portman. The two world stars are above all of each other’s fans, and this was evident at the entrance to the Dior fashion show on Monday at the Rodin Museum.

Rihanna ran into Natalie Portman and expressed her admiration for him. ” I love you. I’m a freaking fan. You’re one of the hottest girls ever in Hollywood! You’ll look the most innocent and I’ll be crushed,” the singer tells her. To which the actress replies that she’s “against all these wonderful things.” “On the verge of fainting”, she is also in awe. “I adore you, I listen to your music often, you are such a queen, thank you!” » She added with great emphasis and enthusiasm.

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A video that has gone viral on the internet

The exchange, which was filmed, has since gone viral on the internet. And, like any meeting between a fan and his idol, the interview ended with a warm embrace without anyone, for once, blushing at the glowing face. We can also see them stamping their feet in front of photographers, begging them to immortalize the moment on the tarmac.

A nice moment of relaxation when awards season is in full swing. If they are not competing against each other, Natalie Portman defends her role in the film May December By Todd Haynes, when Rihanna won two Creative Arts Emmy Awards in January for her “Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show.”

Moreover, the singer, who gave birth to her second child, on 1, a boy named Riot Rose.er Last August, still working on his next album. His latest album, oppositeDates from 2016.

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