What foods should you eat raw instead of cooking?

Doctor Sethi, a gastroenterologist and researcher graduated from Harvard University, reported the site marmiton.orgunderlined Three foods For which it is preferable Eat it cooked rather than raw.

As the first exception, we have parent, Iron rich. Cooking spinach makes it more easily absorbable by the body, by breaking down the fibers and cell membranes, which frees up the iron so the body can absorb it more efficiently. For those suffering fromAnemiaCooking spinach is therefore a beneficial habit, because Steamed spinach generally provides More vitamins and minerals Per serving, ensures better overall health than raw spinach.

Spinach, carrots and tomatoes

carrot Even more beneficial when cooked. Their release of heat Beta carotenea A precursor of vitamin A, which makes them more beneficial for health. Therefore, cooking carrots is a good habit to adopt to optimize their nutritional value and ensure maximum absorption of essential nutrients for health.

In the third place, Dr. Sethi is mentioned Tomatoeswhich contains Lycopenea A powerful antioxidant. When eaten raw, lycopene is often trapped inside plant cells. However, cooking tomatoes breaks down the cell walls, releasing lycopene and allowing the body to absorb it more efficiently. It is recommended Eat fresh cooked tomatoes instead of prepared saucesTo make the most of their health benefits.

Combine raw and cooked foods according to their properties

Generally speaking, it is important to understand Cooking can sometimes increase the bioavailability of nutrients present in food, thus improving their absorption by the body. However, this does not mean that raw food should be avoided. In fact, A A judicious combination of raw and cooked food Can provide various essential nutrients for a balanced diet.

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