What does the new employment contract proposed by Bruno Le Maire include?

The Economy Minister is proposing the establishment of a new employment contract specifically designed for seniors. This contract will provide opportunities for partial work, remuneration will be accepted accordingly.

Bruno Le Maire sticks to his aim of increasing senior employment. It will also be one of the key steps included in the upcoming revision of the unemployment insurance system. “Is it really relevant that people over 55 have a long payback period? » Asked the tenant of Bercy, Saturday March 30, in an interview with Western France. “I propose a contract in which seniors will work 80% of their time, receive 90% of their salary and be entitled to 100% of their pension”, he explained.

Bruno Le Maire suggests that the state and companies consider the costs of the contract “The challenge of working for older people concerns everyone”. According to him, we should put an end to this “How to Convert Unemployment Insurance into Hidden Retirement”. The news, aimed at reviving the employment of seniors, could be an option for Le Maire to reduce the duration of unemployment benefits for those over 55.

Reactions of Unions and Employers to Senior Employment Agreements

Mind you, moreover, negotiations on the employment of seniors, which began in November, are still ongoing between unions and employers. The Economy Minister of the Force Overlord (FO), Michel Buggers, reacted to the exit: “This is not a new measure. Bruno Le Maire, who cannot help but interfere in negotiations, takes joint action of unions and employers”.

“This proposal goes in the right direction. To see in more detail if it’s a balanced device, but I’m not against the idea »Believes, for his part, quoted by CFE-CGC president, François Homeril, Western France. However, trade unionists question “The cost of this kind of proposal”, he estimates, “is already a lot of money going towards businesses”..

Employer representative also gives reservation at cost of 10% “Shared by the State and Businesses”. Agreement As proposed “Labor will contribute more to cost increases. Everything you shouldn’t do. This further complicates the issue of senior employment. If in VSE or SME we have two part-time seniors who do the remaining 20% ​​of the work? Do we work part-time at 40%? » asks Eric Cheve, quoted by the same source. The latter pleads for one instead Deceleration at the end of a career with a mentoring or tutoring mission”. Like Francois Homeril.

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