Warzone players who get angry over the killstreak nerf are now considered “useless”.

Ludovic Quinson

Many Warzone players believe that the recent nerf to Explosive Killstreak now makes it “completely useless”.

Although different from Call of Duty’s multiplayer, and having its own unique weapons and nerfs, Warzone incorporates many of CoD’s iconic features in its own way.

This includes killstreaks, but you don’t need to get three kills to get a drone.

In Battle Royale, Killstreaks can be purchased at buy stations, found in supply crates, or taken from enemies you’ve eliminated.

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Historically, the developers have rarely changed killstreaks, but they recently gutted Precision Strike in Season 2.

Instead of having an on-screen banner warning you that an airstrike is approaching your area, you can now see the bombers’ flight path as well as the blast zone.

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Warzone players upset by Precision Strike nerf

According to some players, this recent change has made the killstreak “completely useless”. “Is it just me or now with the addition of the precision strike blast area display, the killstreak has become completely useless in Warzone.“, declares the disgruntled player.

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I think there should be only sound call. If I remember correctly, in the early days of Warzone there was almost no warning, just a loud call for an airstrike, and I liked it because it required good placement to hit.“, another player replies.

I don’t think they were able to adjust the instructions properly so they added this instead. It makes no sense. I don’t find precision strikes useful anymore. If people know exactly the extent of damage before the strike, they can always survive in time.” one fan commented.

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However, some players feel that this killstreak now works better as a finishing move on downed players rather than trying to use it instead of a weapon.

Either way, it’s unlikely that the developers will make any changes anytime soon, considering this new notification was only added a while ago, but it’s probably something to think about.

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