Vonn is tortured for her relationship with Federer

Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer, both retired, recently shared a day of skiing. A funny controversy was born out of this.

Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer, lifelong best friends, who ski together in Switzerland … are unlikely to stir up controversy. Yes but there you go, comments are important, especially on social networks. So the American champion took a risk by calling his track mate — a tennis legend, incidentally — a GOAT. Understand “Greatest of All Time”.

Again, nothing to worry about. Except for potential fans of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who did not fail to respond – sometimes violently – by sending a volley of green wood at the former icon of world skiing. So much so that the person concerned deleted her initial posts to try to justify herself and reason with the very excited.

GOAT, “A Totally Subjective Title”

It is a completely subjective title. What makes a person great? Statistics? Records? What effect did it have on his game? Its nature? Is it all at once? People have differences and that is normal. My GOAT may not be yours and will always be debated, but opinions are just that, opinions, and everyone is entitled to them. », says Lindsey Vonn.

And added on Instagram: ” I have admired Roger for many years as an athlete, a philanthropist and an incredible champion. Usually, people you admire always disappoint you in one way or another, but not Roger. Roger epitomizes a true athlete and champion in every sense of the word. (…) Thanks to this memory disease. You and your family are truly unique and it doesn’t matter what the statistics say. You are my eternal GOAT, because it’s not the numbers that matter but the impact you had on me, and I’m just one in a million. »

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