Vladimir Putin wants 100% Russian game consoles

Russia has a long history with video games. We owe him a video game monument TetrisBut more like recent successes Escape from Tarkov. According to information fromInsider Gaming Which is based on a Russian newspaper article merchantVladimir Putin may have requested the creation of game consoles with their own ecosystem.

Russian consoles and ecosystems

According to the media, the current Russian president wants to spend his money “Own home consoles and laptops”. Sources close to the government explain that this is a desire to avoid restrictions and restrictions on the import of foreign consoles. The Kremlin will give until June 15 to test the possibility of making fully Russian machines.

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PC Gaming Says the request would have been made during the recent economic summit to assess demand and establish a timeline. It is said that such a project could take Russia ten years because it is starting from scratch and there is a lack of Russian experts in this field. As for the price, it will be between 5 and 10 billion rubles.

VK Company will be responsible for a game console while GS Group will look after its production as a subcontractor. In addition to hardware and software, we are talking about a dedicated machine Cloud gaming. So two different gaming devices are being manufactured in Russia.

Russia has a huge player base

Video games have a big place in Russia because there are many professional players Counter strike. In addition TetrisWe are indebted to him for major global successes like Atomic heart On Xbox Game Pass, among the most recent.

According to the report diplomatic worldThe Russian video game market was valued at approximately $3.4 billion in 2021. The war in Ukraine, however, caused studios to gradually withdraw from the region, with 69% of players playing pirated games in 2022. Russia therefore wants to take advantage of it. To fill the coffers of this massive user base with local opportunities.

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