Viral: US woman discovers nuclear bunker in her grandmother’s basement (VIDEO)

The previous owner thought of everything when building his secret bunker (file photo) (Image: No Credit)

A woman was left in complete disbelief after discovering a hidden nuclear bunker in her grandmother’s basement. Venturing around his grandmother’s new house, he notices something out of the ordinary and decides to investigate further.

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In a TikTok video, user eatmecarlise said: “When my grandma moved into the old house. I need to show you some interesting things in his basement, like traps, doors, hidden bunkers, I’m serious.”

In the video, he pulls a pipe down the stairs to an ordinary-looking basement to open a secret door. This leads to a storage room full of canned food and gun safes.


The best thing about coming to this house. #doomsdaypreppers #bunker #endofdays #coolhouse #housetour

? Original Voice – It’s me Carly

But the “most exciting part” is yet to come when he opens an electrical box to reveal a hidden room. She said: “This is a bunker. There is a latch here (behind the door) and you can lock yourself in. When we bought the house, there were canned foods here. I need to show you.”

“They have a well pump and some water, and there are six bunk beds and a sofa bed.” She then showed a secret passage from the garden to the room, which she and her brother had not found until recently.

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