Video game test. The Last of Us 2: Remastered Version on PS5

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The Last of Us One of the most beautiful games released on PlayStation. First there is the The Last of Us Part 1On PS3 in 2013, it was remastered on PS4 in 2014, this time in the form of a remake for the new PS5, before returning to the forefront in 2022.

It was followed by the highly anticipated sequel: The Last of Us Part 2. It was initially released on PS4 in June 2020 and has gone through a nice facelift to bring it up to par on PS5.

Return to PS5 in a remastered version

If it was already pure wonder in its PS4 version, this “Remastered” version of TLOU 2Available January 19, 2024 on PS5Just polishes an already sparkling diamond.

Of course improved graphics (without a big difference between the two versions), less loading time, an awesome guitar playing chapter, a few extra scenes and a roguelike mode that we’ll talk about later…

For those who already own the PS4 version, this remastered version will “only” cost an extra 10 euros if they want to update it to their next-generation Sony console.

It’s a relatively accessible little delight for the biggest fans who want to live more gracefully once again, The Adventures of Eli, Joel and AbbyBut in Deanna and Owen (no spoilers in this test!). A post apocalyptic world Devastated by an epidemic caused by a destructive fungus.

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The Last of Us Part 2 Remake, on PS5.
The Last of Us Part II on PS5, remastered. (©Notty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Naughty Dog Studio has created an exciting adventure, let us remember, unbearable suspense until the end of the story, with a perfectly mastered view. TLOU also features over the top cut scenes, high-intensity action scenes, and terrifying moments of intrusion.

TLOU shows us in all colors and those who have not yet experienced this amazing adventure on PS4, can get this new PS5 version, brilliant anyway, without hesitation. It costs between 40 and 50 euros, which is “logically” cheaper than a brand new PS5 game, which often sells for around 70 euros.

New no return game mode

Prettier and not at a higher price, it’s attractive, especially since this new PS5 version of TLOU2 Remastered has exciting extra content to discover: There is no return mode.

This is a game within a game, In rogue mode (you lose, you start over at the beginning), with the main characters of the game, but also with the main settings you visit while exploring the main adventure.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remake, on PS5.
The Last of Us Part II on PS5, remastered. (©Notty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Clearly, it is Challenge to stay alive to continue the mission And face the final boss. Or die and return to the very beginning to try your luck again.

In case of failure, you lose all upgrades (especially weapons) acquired during your progress. Who says badass like, say punishment game mode!

Is this no return mode suitable for detours? Before playing it, we were a bit skeptical. Perhaps because we, like most gamers, are so addicted to this license that we certainly shouldn’t scratch it. What would happen to this cult title if we added some dangerous extra content to it, which would go too far and even distort the soul of the game?

The Last of Us Part 2 Remake, on PS5.
The Last of Us Part II on PS5, remastered. (©Notty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Certainly, in the main adventure, there is violence and fierce battles against infected people and enormous bosses. But they are part of a more global story that is full of sensitivity, emotion, psychology… in an early journey that can go from hatred to compassion for certain characters.

And suddenly today, we see in this mode inviting these iconic characters to embody survival mode.

It was too much of a worry for nothing, because No Return is fully in the spirit of the ubiquitous confrontation in TLOU 1 and 2, thus giving players the opportunity to experience an interesting challenge, new encounters, pistols, rifles, knives or baseball bats. In hand! There’s also a chance to revisit this terrifying boss, which we had trouble defeating during the main part! Fortunately, several difficulty levels are offered, making the task considerably easier.

As for the rest, it’s our last one, it’s very scary but very beautiful, captivating and well done!

We love:

  • It’s from Last of Us, it’s obviously gorgeous
  • Still very scary
  • The possibility of playing this cult title on PS5, in the best possible rendering
  • No return mode, a nice surprise and a real challenge
  • Many difficulty levels in No Return, it makes things easy
  • Possibility to update your PS4 version for 10 euros

We like less:

  • Why not a free update for PS4 game owners?
  • Getting killed by the boss
  • Start over when you die, but that’s a roguelike!
  • Relive the famous scene with Joel (without spoilers).
  • Played the guitar

In conclusion: Finding The Last of Us Part II in a sublimated version on PS5 is a real joy. This game is a must if you are a fan or if you don’t own this second part of the reference series. The graphics were already pretty good on PS4 and even (slightly) more so on PS5. The No Return mode is a real added value and a great challenge, if you like roguelikes.

Ideally, we could imagine seeing this (admittedly rich) update offered to players who already own the PS4 version. Certainly God of War Ragnarok did recently, with its completely free additional Valhalla content.

Practical. The Last of Us Part II will be released on January 19, 2024 on PS5. An action adventure game (Peggy 18) developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PS4 game update: 10 euros. PS5 game price: between 40 and 50 euros.

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