Video: A young woman was killed by California police while seeking help

The tragic moment in which 15-year-old Savannah Graziano was shot by police as she ran towards them in search of help was captured on video.

In a heartbreaking incident on September 27, 2022, Savannah Graziano15, was fatally shot by police while running for help after being abducted by her father. Anthony John Graziano45 years old.

According to New York PostThis was a tragic incident Highway 15 in Hesperia, CaliforniaShortly after Graziano murdered his wife Tracy Martinez and kidnapping Savannah. The circumstances of the 15-year-old girl’s death, captured on video, were recently released following requests from the following. California Public Records LawThey have produced Sharp criticism and questioning of police practices.

Savannah Graziano, 15, died in a shootout with police while fleeing from her father who kidnapped her (Dignity Memorial)

According to information received by ABC7, Anthony Graziano He led a long chase, firing multiple shots at agents and other motorists from his truck. Trucks get stuck on the road during this tragic outcome SavannahDressed in tactical gear but unarmed, she was trying to make contact with the agents following their orders when she was shot by the agents themselves, who from another perspective only saw someone approaching leaving a vehicle.

Anthony Graziano confronts police with semi-automatic weapons during long chase (AP)

An agent caught in the recording tried to stop the fire when he realized it was the girl approaching, but his calls were futile. “Hey, stop, stop hitting him! It’s in the car. off”You hear him say. Savannah She was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead, and Anthony Graziano He was declared dead at the scene.

Anthony Graziano He confronted officers with a semi-automatic weapon, setting off a roughly 70-mile chase that ended when he unsuccessfully attempted to drive his vehicle onto an embankment.

During the confrontation, it was suggested that Savannah He also fired shots from the vehicle, although this claim is under investigation. The chase practically ended after 130 km Downtown Los AngelesWhere both father and daughter died.

He San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department He pointed out that weapons, ammunition, stun and smoke grenades, as well as tactical helmets, were found at the scene, all legally acquired. Graziano. The newspaper confirmed that the confrontation resulted in property damage, with four sheriff’s department vehicles hit by gunfire. The Guardian.

The case of Savannah and Anthony Graziano is under investigation by the state Department of Justice (MediaNews Group/Getty Images)

Preliminary research suggests that Savannah He could be somewhere else at the time of his mother’s murder and that Later her father kidnapped her.. Anthony John Graziano Shot dead Tracy Martinez On several occasions, those who were able to identify him as their assailant before his death.

“She was really a sweet girl at her core and she didn’t deserve this,” he said guardian CJ Wyatt, Savannah’s uncle, also pointed to the need to improve police training to prevent the loss of innocent lives: “Hopefully this video can be used for training – something should be done differently.” Relatives of the distraught girl also described Anthony Graziano as an “abusive and manipulative” man.

The investigation into the case is ongoing under the supervision of the state Department of Justice, following a rule that requires the names of officers involved in shootings to be made public. Additionally, the incident has led to increased scrutiny of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which has faced multiple lawsuits over the past year over wrongful arrests and deaths.

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