Venezuela described the transfer of the hijacked plane to the United States as “premeditated theft”.

The Venezuelan government has strongly denied that the Amtrasur cargo company plane, which has been detained in Ezeiza since June 2022 by court order, was delivered to the United States due to claims by the country’s justice system.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically denies Blatant theft of Boeing 747-300 aircraft, initials YV 3531, belonging to Aerocargos del Sur Transport Co. (EMTRASUR SA), completed today Collusion between the Governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Argentina“The government of President Nicolás Maduro said in a statement published by Foreign Minister Yvan Gil on his account on X.

The Bolivarian government accused its counterparts in Argentina and the United States Violation of all rules governing civil aeronautics “in a manner (…)” and “endangered aeronautical security in the region.”

Described as Venezuela “Shameful Rape” To transfer the plane to the United States, whose judge requested the Bolivarian government seize it for alleged use for terrorist purposes after it was purchased from the Iranian company Maham Air.

“Independent and sovereign Venezuela Will respond forcefully, directly and proportionately To counter this attack, for which it will use all available resources within the framework of the national constitution, diplomacy and international law,” warned the government of the Caribbean nation.

Finally, after announcing that the incident had been reported to the International Civil Aviation Organization, Caracas said “No empire, nor its satellites“, they will be able to bend the will of the Venezuelan people, who have decided to follow the path of true independence.”

The 747-300M Dreamliner Cargo, which was owned by Iranian company Mahan Air and currently belongs to Amtrasur – a subsidiary of Venezuelan state company Conviasa -, companies approved by the US Treasury Department, departed at 1:30pm on Monday. Iziza International Airport.

The crew that arrived on the plane in Argentina on June 6, 2022, made up of five Iranians and fourteen Venezuelans, was initially detained by Justice and later released by federal judge Federico Villena due to lack of evidence for financing crimes. terrorist activities.

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