TWP: Biden will try to “punish” Maduro by preventing him from getting dollars for oil

United States President Joe Biden’s government will consider “new ways” to limit oil sales by Venezuela.

According to the Washington Post, US authorities are looking for a way to “punish” the Venezuelan government if it does not comply with agreements reached last year with opposition representatives.

The US Treasury Department will assess the possibility that Venezuela can continue to sell oil to its international customers, but not receive dollars as a form of payment.

Given this, the Caribbean nation will have an option to receive bolivars, which will be deposited in the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

Another possibility is contracts to exchange oil for diluent, fuel or diesel.

A representative of the business sector linked to the oil sector, who chose to remain anonymous, told international media that China, Russia and Iran would benefit from possible re-sanctions on Venezuela.

“The American consumer is forced to pay for the country’s bad foreign policy, while China buys discounted oil,” he highlighted.

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