Two people wanted by the FBI have been arrested in Michoacán; They may have kidnapped immigrants in the US

Detainees had FBI search cards. Photo: Michoacan Prosecutor’s Office

In coordinated operations between Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE) And United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBIfor its acronym in English), the arrest of Santiago “N” And Lori Lynn “Ann”Alleged kidnapping of three migrants in Brookshire, Texas on March 18, 2023.

Authorities nabbed the suspects at Cutzio Estate in the municipality HuatamoMichoacán, on February 27, 2024, reported by the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office.

The capture of the alleged kidnappers was possible after obtaining arrest warrants issued by the US authorities, so Directorate of Reaction and Strategic Operations (DROE) FGE led the mission that led to the tracking and location Santiago “N” And Lori Lynn “Ann” in the Michoacán region, where he was shunned by justice.

Lorei Lynn Flowers was known as La Narca or Lor Hernandez Photo: FBI

After their arrest, the persons involved were placed at the disposal of a competent authority to determine their legal situation and proceed according to law.

Following the announcement of the arrest of these subjects by the Mexican authorities, the Houston FBI reported on its social networks that the arrest was made by agents of the corporation in Michoacán.

“Houston agents worked with the FBI in Mexico City, the FBI’s office in Guadalajara and the Michoacán prosecutor’s office,” the US corporation reported.

Santiago Hernandez JR, aka El Flacco, was arrested on February 27. Photo: Michoacan Prosecutor’s Office

It is not yet known whether these two people belong to a criminal group or are working independently.

In late January of this year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a hit-and-run list of four individuals allegedly responsible for trafficking cocaine from Mexico to Canada, including Mexican Eduardo Carvajal.

He is also wanted as a Mexican citizen John Joe Soto, Esteban Sinhue Mercado And CORAL CARBAJAL GARCIAfrom California. According to research by Attorney’s Office of the Central District of CaliforniaThe accused will be connected with it International criminal network Who cooperates with The Montreal MafiaA family led organization Rizzuto.

The connection between these subjects, according to the investigation, suggests a complex drug delivery scheme that ranges from Guadalajara, Jaliscogo through Angels, CaliforniaUntil reaching Canadian territory and other parts USA.

Search file for Eduardo Carvajal. (FBI)

Eduardo Carvajal, originally from Jalisco, is described as an important logistics operator in charge of organizing large shipments of cocaine. Meanwhile, John Joe Soto appears as a direct link with Jesus Ruiz Sandoval Jr, identified as the main ringleader of the network, is on the run. Other key members including Robert ScopaA known wholesale drug buyer with links to the Italian mafia also faces legal action and extradition orders. USA

The operation of this network would include the employment of Canadian traders and transporters who made short but frequent visits to Los Angeles. Cocaine And Methamphetamine, which were transported to Canada in heavy vehicles adequately equipped for long distances. This method shows the level of sophistication and coordination between the various links in the criminal chain.

Inclusion of four persons in the target list of FBI Highlighting not only the international scope of their alleged illegal activities, but also cross-border cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking.

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