Twist, the Barca locker room is calling for Luis Enrique!

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For a few hours and with the announcement of Xavi’s departure at the end of the season, one question has been in the news in Spain: who will replace him at Barça? And in this sense, the Catalan daily Sport drops a bit of a bomb. According to him, Luis Enrique will clearly be the choice in the Barça locker room, even if the Catalan newspaper considers his arrival “unlikely” due to his contract with PSG until 2025. The search for Xavi’s replacement has begun, however, and players still believe Luis Enrique would be the ideal choice to lead the project for next season, having already worked with many current members of the squad.

Luis Enrique, a profile with many advantages

The first two captains, Sergi Roberto and ter Stegen, won the Champions League under Luis Enrique in 2015. He points to his positive impact on his career and believes he could be the ideal leader for Barca. Furthermore, the youngsters, especially Padri, consider Luis Enrique to be the best coach they have ever known. Luis Enrique has also hinted that he is open to a return to Barca thanks to his previous spell with the club. However, his contract with PSG poses an obstacle, although the Spanish technician has always kept the door open to a possible return. Despite his current success at PSG, the players and Barça are hoping for his availability to strengthen the squad. What to start a soap opera?

In sum

Xavi’s imminent departure from FC Barcelona has fueled speculation about his successor. The Barcelona locker room, in search of a new leader, expressed a clear preference for Luis Enrique. His return appears “unlikely” due to his contract with PSG until 2025, although players have hailed his past positive impact and believe he would be an ideal choice.

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